Last night I had a dream. I was at a very large outdoor gathering with my husband and a few others. We heard an unusual noise in the sky looked up and there were words being drawn (like on a billboard) the words were written in the most beautiful colors. We knew instantly it was God writing them. It was short instructions as soon as we read them they would fade away. The message was for us to spread the word of Jesus as fast as we could at this gathering. No one else could see the writing except the believers. We went around the festival spreading the word the time was so urgent you could only tell the people "Either your going to Heaven or Hell" and to get to Heaven the only way is Jesus Christ. Very few let us go past that they were just busy.
Every time God wrote another instruction for us there would be a slight rumbling in the sky letting us know to look up again. We would read it then it would fade away. His messages were very exact where and when to go and what to say. There had to be at least 10. Never once did any of us fear. We knew he was guiding us.
I was telling a group that were sitting at a picnic table about Jesus it was under a very large tree. A lady got up to get something leaving just her hamburger on her plate she turn to me and spouted off about God with a smirk on her face. The limb on the tree above her seat curve down and the leaf turned into the head of a reptile snatched her hamburger off her plate then went right back to its shape. I yelled out God will not be mocked. Oddly enough no one at the table was shaken by this.

We were told to step aside. We looked over at all the unbelievers and a darkness came over them we never saw or heard anything it was to dark to see. We the believers were in such a wonderful light stood still looked up to the sky knowing Jesus was coming. I have never felt such a anxious feeling.
I prayed before I even moved out of bed this morning to be sure I got this right. I believe the time is so short we need to get the word out was part of it. The other part was God guided us, his love was in all messages. He always had our backs and only his children could see his writings. Never once was a hand laid upon us or any fear.


Dec 21, 2012

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