Suddenly, there were sounds in the room, horrible, frightening, dread-filled sounds full of rage and malice and evil. The most vile beings in the universe were entering that room, seeking whom they might devour.

I wanted to tell you of a dream that I had in 1987, right after our first child was born. I was a company commander in the Third US Infantry Regiment--"The Old Guard"--at Ft. Myer, Virginia, next to Arlington National Cemetery. I now believe it is very pertinent to your recent books and articles and the topics of Nephilim and fallen angels and creatures from the abyss.

I was led by the Holy Ghost to what looked like a research institute near a major metropolitan area--I thought it was DC, since I lived there at the time, but it could have been anywhere. The Holy Ghost told me that He would veil my true nature from the people/beings within because I had to undergo some process, and if my born-again nature, with the Holy One living within me, was discerned, then they would not allow me to go through this process. He assured me that He would be with me, and that I would not be spiritually harmed by what I would experience.

I and a number of other people were greeted and briefed on the agenda: we were to undergo testing to see if we were suitable for the institute's program, and the testing would involve arduous physical extremes, such as cold and heat and being wet, and riding at extreme speeds. After the briefing, we were taken to a preparation room and told to dress in clothes they provided, and once dressed, we were taken to a room full of contraptions that looked like something from NASA's testing for the astronauts. We, indeed, were subjected to cold and heat in rooms designed for extremes in heat, and we were observed at every moment. I began to feel like I was back in Army Ranger School, and they were trying to break us down physically and mentally. I was startled by this realization and felt a moment of panic, and then I heard the Holy Ghost assure me the He would not let harm befall me, but I must go through every step. After the extremes in temperature, we were taken to one of those rocket-sled gyroscopic machines and strapped in, then the machine was turned on full, and as we spun around and around, I thought I was going to explode from the inside out. I can remember blacking out at some point, and then the machine slowed to a halt. I remember, too, that one of the reasons I panicked was that they had injected us with what I soon discovered was hallucinogenic drugs to cause our minds and inhibitions and contact with reality to break down; being an Army officer, this filled me with particular dread and loathing. That was when the Spirit spoke peace to my heart.

We had to almost be carried out of that contraption, and big burly men in white lab coats took us into another dressing room and stripped off the work clothes and tied us up in strait-jackets and then led us into a large padded room. My outer appearance, to the people who worked in that dreadful place, must have been been a mess, because they did not act towards me or treat me differently than the others--men and women--and those others were a mess. They looked drugged out of their minds, noses running, completely disheveled, eyes blank and dilated, with either stupid looks or looks of helpless apprehension if they had any sense of themselves left after what the drugs and the testing had done to them. But inside, I was at peace, fully confident in GOD, and somehow in my right mind, although physiologically, I was just like the others.

When we were all in this large padded room, they shut the doors and turned off the lights. It was pitch black, and I realized we were waiting for something or someone. The Holy Ghost told me then exactly why I was there, that this was not a research institute, but a place where people--willing volunteers, truly ardent believers--were being prepared as hosts to receive demonic spirits and fallen angels; only, the hosts thought they were channeling their "spirit guides" and becoming avatars for "divine" beings--beings who had evolved far beyond man's primitive state and would guide and enlighten them on their paths to becoming like them. Once so enlightened, they would become part of the elite ruling class on our planet as these "aliens" led mankind into a golden age of peace and prosperity and spiritual awakening.

Suddenly, there were sounds in the room, horrible, frightening, dread-filled sounds full of rage and malice and evil. The most vile beings in the universe were entering that room, seeking whom they might devour. The Holy Ghost whispered to my suddenly panicked heart that He would shelter me from their sight and they could not touch me or hurt me, but He wanted me to see firsthand what was befalling the others. He showed me the faces of those lost souls there in the dark with pure evil stalking each of them, and they were masks of pure, unmitigated fear and horror and mindless terror. They tried to flee and the screamed horrible screams, for even in their drugged state, their fate was too horrible to imagine. But they could not run or hide, and each one was taken and devoured, so to speak, by the putrid beings who had entered that room with such hatred for their hosts. Everyone of those hosts changed before my eyes, as though I could see what was inside of them, rather than their outward appearance. And still, the demons could not see or touch me, even in their new physical forms.

Finally, the lights came back on, and the men came back in and unstrapped everyone, and led them to recovery rooms. The Holy Ghost showed me that this was one of many places around the world where people were being prepared in large numbers to become hosts for those dwellers of the abyss, and all of this was to make ready for the coming of the lawless one. Drugs were the key, as they opened the door, but the other aspects of the "testing" were designed to rapidly break down a person's natural inhibitions and defenses so that the process could happen much more quickly--even willfully foolish, godless, lost humans retain in their core something that is repelled by the demonic in its true estate, and the enemy has to break down those barriers before they can have their way. He then led me out and away from that place, and I awoke from the dream.

Sorry, I know it's long. But I've been sitting on this for nearly thirty years, and now am beginning to understand more fully why I had such a dream. Thank you for your time and attention, and your ministry.

Very respectfully, John

Sep 29, 2014

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