I will speak no more of the things to come, for the cup of my wrath is full! I will pour it out without prejudice upon this woeful and wicked nation. Judgement has come and it will not be averted for the wickedness is systemic and too widespread to remov

Hi Steve,
On Friday morning I woke up and began praying, thinking upon Paul McGuire's upcoming intercessory prayer gathering, asking the Lord, can we stop what's coming? I have long felt His answer was no, its been determined and His order's sealed. He led me to read Ezekiel and highlighted 5:10 "Therefore fathers shall eat their sons in your midst, and sons shall eat their fathers." At a gathering with a prophet and other believers earlier in the week, the verse the hearts of fathers was being turned to the sons and sons to the fathers was spoken. I heard the Spirit say take note, that season has actually come to a close. Then when I was lead to this passage and its corresponding passage in Deut. 28:49-57, I felt the Lord say when you see headlines of canabalism by father's of their sons, it will be a sign and wonder as a precursor of the judgement that is coming that will give rise to these conditions on a widespread level. Stories of the extreme starvation of those in Muldova during the communist takeover, which resulted in families eating their newborn and infant children, were brought to my mind. Then He gave me this word:

Watch the news today, daughter, you will see what has come to your nation. It is not by chance I have set you before Ezekiel to read of the horrors of a nation that forsakes the righteous rule of my hand. For I placed a grace over this nation and allowed it to triumph and prosper, raising it up from a tender calf into a mighty bull. I was faithful throughout generations to see she was well fed and prosperous, this mighty Lady of Liberty, but oh how she has fallen from her heights of glory! A shame among the nations of the world, Her brow once noble, runs with the blood of her bruising and battering.

Once a clarion of hope, of liberty and refuge to the nations, she now mourns in exile from the nations she once embraced. Her children have become rough necked and rebellious, heeding the ways of Hedonism, and for such they will see their ruin, their utter and complete desolation.

A wasteland of utter desolation where once there was life and beauty and the flourishing works of my hand to prosper this land, and this people of a rebellious heart. Their might was of my hand and of my strength, yet they mistook it as their own.

I arranaged the conference of nations to which I gave this nation a noble and favored voice. Yet, the voice of peace and protection has become the voice of tyranny. Therefore, I will judge this nation with a swift and terrible sword. With famine and pestilence, plagues and violence, I will cleanse her haughty spirit and humble her before the nations.

Chatter, oh Jezebel of the West. Speak your evils cloaked in a candied covering, which only you are foolish enough to swallow. For I have raised a standard against the vomit you have spewn over the nations. They are not deceived by the darkness that enshrouds you, and they see the deeds done behind closed doors and in wretched places on the alters of Baal.

The final moments have come and you, oh Lady Libery, who once stood proudly above the nations, have cast your lot with Baal. Will I not tear down the alters of your false god upon which you sacrifice the children of promise? Do you not think I am yet mighty to move with a swift and fierce vengeance to destroy the works of Molech, Jezebel and Baal, upon whose alters this nation has been sold into slavery?

Eat the bitter fruit now of my indictment of your crimes against humanity, against all that is holy and pure, against the sovereignty of my throne and the sactity of my alter, which I ordained you, oh Lady Liberty, to work.

For you were bought with the precious blood of the Lamb, who was worthy, yet for nothing will you be sold into slavery! A mockery amongst the nations, spit out and despised in contempt and disdain.

Come out of her my people! Repent! For her leaven has tainted the nations with her prostitutions.

I will speak no more of the things to come, for the cup of my wrath is full! I will pour it out without prejudice upon this woeful and wicked nation. Judgement has come and it will not be averted for the wickedness is systemic and too widespread to remove.

REPENT! That you who are holy might be saved! REPENT! That this once great nation might escape the wrath of my full and ultimate destruction! Judgement will fall, those who humble themselves and pray will hold back the rod of punishment, lessening the severity of my correction. Put aside your wickedness, oh nation of slumbering seat warmers. Rise from your slow descent unto death before you plummet where the hand of my salvation shall refuse to go!

~I have received many words of warnings for his body and judgements to come over the years. This was very different. The intensity and finality was so intense and palpable it was as if I was ingesting the scroll that tasted sweet, then became sour in the stomach. Literally, my body was physically overwhelmed causing my digestive tract to evacuate everything in it, and I had a sense of wanting to curl into the fetal position and find safety. The Lord conferred on me a sense of experiencing the compounded horrors that are to come along with his fury and severity, and the finality of his proclamation, as though the edict had been written, sealed and sent to the troops to be carried out. I spent several hours feeling as Mordecai sitting in the king's outer court in sackcloth and ashes mourning the pronouncement of the destruction of his people. I have no doubt the tide cannot be turned or delayed, but only lessened in severity by those obedient to intercede…CHELSEA


Dec 7, 2014

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