With the opening of eyes comes many heartaches. The greatest is watching my children and grandchildren (who are consumed with the things of this world and some of them utterly infected with a normalcy bias that seems it cannot be shaken

We must expect scoffers to come following their own evil desires.
They will say where is the coming He promised calling God a liar.
The world continues its painful existence as it has since days of old,
They have forgotten or ignored the word of God by the prophets foretold.

The earth was formed out of water and by that same water it was destroyed
The God who loosed the waters will judge again, and fire will be employed.
A day of judgment soon will come, and we are preserved only for this reason
That day is now upon us the prophets have foretold its season.

The Lord has not been slow His promises to keep or in passing out His sentence
It is prolonged by His patience and His love while He waits for our repentance.
To the unaware the day will come as a thief and the heavens will disappear with a roar,
The elements will be destroyed by fire and our time will be no more.

Since we know this day is coming we should not think it odd
That scripture demands, that we become holy and live our lives for God.
We must be looking forward to His coming, praying that day soon is given birth,
For in keeping with His promise there is coming a new heaven, there is coming a new earth.

We are waiting for His return; He’s making a home for righteousness
Be on your guard so you’re not led astray by men of lawlessness.
Endeavoring to be spotless is how we then should live our lives
His patience brings salvation, but time is short, for that day will soon arrive.

By Randy Conway

Dec 14, 2014

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