The most touching thing about that dream was just that the whole time, even when I was angry at God, all the way to the end, Jesus was in the cage with me. I couldn't see him, but I knew he was there.

Hi, my name is Megan , I'm from South Africa, and I'm 15, turning 16 this year.
My mother encouraged me to share this with you, it's a dream that I had last year, it's not that important but it's sort of relevant to what you've been dealing with in your recent book, "Little Creatures". I haven't read that yet ,but it's sort of relevant because in my dream there was a little demon or little "creature".
So, it happened last year, last year was kind of like a really difficult year; because our family home-school, and we were having complications with the church, and it was all just a big stuff-up.
So we were going through a pretty lonely time and there was a lot of depression especially on my side; I spent days walking around like a zombie.
And I remember praying, over and over again, every night when I said my prayers I didn't even realize it, all I just said was "Lord, get me out of here! Lord, give me a holiday at the least, just do something! I just need to get out of this."
I wished I was someone else, really, I was so tired of going on and on.
Anyway, getting over the pity-party, one night after I'd been quite anxious about everything, I had a dream.
In my dream I could see myself, I was outside of myself, but I could see myself and I was in a cage, and the cage was not big, it was pretty small, with metal bars, round metal bars.
The cage was on this huge landscape, huge green landscape, and it was all alone, there were no other objects on the landscape.
And I was there in this cage, and I was angry, I was very angry. I was waving my fists at God, and I was saying "Lord, get me out of here, get me out of this cage! I'm tired of this cage, I just don't want it anymore, please get me out of here."
And while I was doing that, I looked and over the horizon of this green plain suddenly this huge herd or flock of monsters or demons (I instantly identified them as demons) came running at me. Sort of like, just coming straight at me from one direction and I was really scared, as you could imagine.
And, ironically, my prayers changed, I was saying, "Thank you, Jesus, for giving me this cage, because now they can't get me!" And suddenly it was like a veil was lifted, I suddenly realized that, the cage wasn't there really to restrict me, the cage was there to protect me.
And here I was, angry with God because of the cage. And I think it's a very scary thing to realize actually, that you've been seeing things very wrong for a long time, that you've been angry with God and you shouldn't have been.
And Jesus showed this to me, and it changed so many things.
The demons that I saw coming at me, I'll try to describe some, but it's almost impossible to describe a demon, the only word I could find to describe them would be hate. There was so much hate.
One of them that I remember most clearly was like a bat and it had these huge teeth, long sharp teeth that stuck out everywhere, and it had red eyes that were just angry. And it flew at the cage and it banged into it and it's head came through the bars and it was screaming at me. I couldn't understand what it was saying, but it was screaming at me in this weird language.
There was also a lot of weird different types, like, one ran on all fours and it had really long arms, like an orangutan, It looked like a werewolf, but it was orange.
And then in the distance, sort of silhouetted, it didn't really come close, but there was a giant there, huge, it was big and strong and it was very scary, it was very intimidating.
But the little things scared me most, I was more scared of the little things, when they came flying at me.
The most touching thing about that dream was just that the whole time, even when I was angry at God, all the way to the end, Jesus was in the cage with me. I couldn't see him, but I knew he was there.
It's so touching to know that Jesus never leaves our sides.
So, after that dream, things changed for me, of course I can't say I'm perfect, but it really did help to change my perspective, and to learn that God really does know best.
So, I just thought that you might be interested in this, and by-the-way, we realy enjoy your website,, it's really helpful to get news.
That's about it,
God bless you, we're praying for you, bye.

Jan 25, 2015

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