The secret to the future of America’s survival
is not found in Washington but in the pages of the bible.
There is no hope in the acts of men who hold high position
hope is in the hearts of men when there is true contrition.

Abortion is not America’s problem; it is only a revealing symptom,
a symptom of a larger problem that is growing with intention.
Intentions to destroy countless generations of unknown greatness
Symptoms, of an affliction grown from Satan's heart fed with hellish hatred.

To stop abortion is indeed a necessary, Godly and noble calling,
but it is not the solution to America’s rapid spiral falling.
We are not in our downward spiral because innocent babes have died,
babies die and our nation, because we trade the truth for lies.

Putting a stop to the production of all insidious pornography
though needed, will not alone change our nation’s destiny.
For like abortion the issue of porn is a symptom of an illness
which left untreated will grow worse until it eventually kills us.

We must boldly speak the truth exposing this destroyer
consuming families and generations addicted to being voyeurs.
But the cure is not found in medicating another symptom,
to treat the disease the symptom reveals must be our intention.

The economy is failing, the stock market is unsure,
the jobless rate is increasing, can America endure?
To end the debt, control our spending, and live on easy street
will not save America because debt is not the reason for our defeat.

Slavery is rampant; there are murders by the score
evil men are greedy and continually wanting more.
Gangs rule the streets where once it was safe to roam
and families live in boxes because they have lost their homes.

Darkness and drugs, with addicts adding burden to society
children left abandoned and abused there are no parental priorities.
We declared a war on drugs; we don’t use the proper weapons for the fight
we have abandoned spiritual weapons and given the battle to the night.

There are so many more symptoms that could be exemplified
And we scarce could count the numbers of the men who’ve died
Died from the disease of sin that has now infected all of man
We accept the symptoms and ignore the disease following Satan’s plan

The only hope for America’s future survival
is not found in removing symptoms but in receiving a revival.
The parchment of the scroll of God must now be unfurled
the message that heals the nation is to the church and not the world.

Sin has reigned and God has seen the results that sin has left behind
A nation living now in darkness where it seems all men are blind
The symptoms of a world where Satan has had his way
The symptoms of a world where the church has been at play.

The healing of a nation is left to the body of Christ
With repentance from the people of God there will be new life
The world is not called to humility or to turn away
The call is to the bride of Christ to be humble and to pray.

When the bride is spotless, God will perform a mighty feat
The symptoms of sins disease will flee with a healing that’s complete
The promises of God will never fail and He will heal our land
but the time is growing short for His coming is at hand.

By Randy Conway

Jan 25, 2015

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