IS LIFE SO CHEAP:We murder babies in the womb, Are mother’s now prenatal tombs?

How have we come to this, is life so cheap?
Are children garbage dumped in the street?
Infant sex and preteen whores,
Kiddy porn you can buy in stores.

Who will help to save the babies
From Molech and the arms of Hades?

America has now become
The first born seed of Sodom.
Children beaten, torn, and bruised,
Forgotten, wasted, lost and used.

The Elite followers of Satan ignore the price
That God will demand for their child sacrifice.

Is there a champion among the sons of man;
Who will stand in the gap against Satan’s plans?
Will the abortionist continue to wield his knife;
Will the Luciferians continue offering sacrifice?

The people of God pray, “I lay me down to sleep”,
When we should be begging for mercy at Jesus feet.

Never has the call for repentance been so great,
Never has the hour been so late.
Satan and his followers have now intensified their attack,
The innocent will pay if God’s people continue shrinking back.

Their blood is on our money, their blood is on our hands,
Their blood cries from the grave and runs across our land.

“Please help the children” is what I pray,
“Keep them safe by night and day.
Take away the pain and dirt,
Kiss their sores and heal their hurt.”

Father forgive us for being a people who no longer blush and are obsessed with sin.
We cry out in repentance seeking for forgiveness before Your patience has reached its end.

By Randy Conway EZRA 9:6-8

Jan 31, 2015

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