No longer a watchman, but a witness:I was seeing the endtime world system and he was the final piece.

I was just reading through the testimonials, dreams and alerts.
As an aside, the word the Lord keeps using with me for the current president is a Judas. After his first 'election' the Lord gave me a vision after I heard that he had become president. I saw two pieces of half-round machinery of some type rolling up , each turning in different ways before my eyes.Then I saw them come together and form one huge machine rolling through space. This thing was made of iron or steel and I thought of Daniels vision. What was odd about this was that I don't often hear things with visions unless the Lord speaks to me and this had a sound associated with it. When the two parts came together they did so with a deep connection, a clicking sound as a tightly milled latch would have and I saw the whole thing begin to move as a whole. I understood that I was seeing the endtime world system and he was the final piece.
This year amid the hoopla surrounded the purported election I was out of state working and did not have internet connection to find out the outcome . As I was walking to the coffee shop the Lord said that Romney was a bruised reed, unable to bear what was coming and so I knew Obama was elected. When I that was confirmed the Lord said to me" No longer a watchman, but a witness. " I felt Him take it out of my hand. The burning in my bones to warn and shout about what was coming was gone.
"No longer a watchman, but a witness."

Dec 26, 2012

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