I wanted to first share a dream that I was given and then a firsthand confirmation I had shortly after regarding subliminals being broadcast in movies and television. I’ll begin by saying that over the last couple years or so my television viewing habits have changed drastically. I have been aware that programming in general has gotten darker in content across nearly every network within the past few years, especially the bigger ones such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and the like. With the predictive programming and all the agendas being pushed to disgusting new levels my wife and I decided to downgrade our cable plan, first to basic, only eventually to do away with it entirely, opting for just an antenna to pick up local channels. In saying all of this I want to share a dream that I had in December 2014 that was so vivid and served to open my eyes even further.

In the dream, my wife and I were seeing a movie with a friend. The setting was unusual because it was outdoors like a drive-in movie only everyone was seated on a hillside instead of watching from their vehicles. The seating was theater style going gradually downward along this hillside, and there were hundreds and hundreds of people present. I remember the screen being huge and at some point during the movie I began noticing odd silhouettes and symbols covering the entire screen. It was as if the film layer had been peeled back to reveal a white screen with various images all spaced apart from each other. Some of these images were symbols (none of which I remember), others were animated images of things ranging from grotesque demonic faces (which were constantly contorting and changing) to vile sexual acts being performed. I say animated for lack of a better word. These weren’t cartoons, but smaller images spaced apart along with the symbols covering the entire screen all moving independently of one another. After seeing this I looked around the hillside and noticed that the things I was seeing on the movie screen began to manifest in the crowd, who were mostly teenagers to young adults. I saw faces contorting to the hellish images I was seeing onscreen and the vile sexual acts that were being done were now being performed all around us by those in the crowd. I looked at my wife in shock and asked out loud, “Are you seeing any of this?” to which she quickly replied “Yes, and it’s disgusting!” We immediately got up to leave when our friend asks “Are you guys seeing visions or something?” with sort of a chuckle to which my wife replied “Yeah, visions of hell!” So we left him there and exited.

When I awoke from this dream the Lord immediately brought to my attention the incident from July of 2013 when someone caught and recorded the satanic symbols flashed onscreen during the Cubs vs. Brewers baseball game. You may have posted this story. Here is a link to that video:

I also feel that I received confirmation to this dream in January while flipping through what 6-8 channels we now get with our antenna. I just happened to change channels at the perfect moment to catch something on the local CBS affiliate during a commercial break. As a commercial was ending I saw a blue screen with white symbols only for a second and then it was gone, replaced by another commercial already into it’s first few seconds, almost like some sort of splice. The only symbol I fully saw was the “ankh” (the Egyptian symbol for resurrection). There were other symbols, maybe a dozen or so but within that split-second time frame the ankh was the only one that I caught. I think I got a glimpse of something that maybe I wasn’t intended to see openly the way that I did. I now strongly feel that these symbols are being embedded within our television programming as well as movies on the big screen all while most people are oblivious or think that they are simply being “entertained”. Please feel free to share this with others as I believe we are seeing an acceleration of the enemy’s plans to enslave our minds. Thanks & God Bless, Kent

Feb 4, 2015

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