Darkness falls across the land
As the Devil himself plays his final hand
He is ready to implement his ultimate plan,
To establish his own kingdom, to rule supremely over man.

The darkness is coming and it truly will fall
In black viscid streams slowly it will crawl
Crawling across the sky and across the earth
An exploding darkness as it touches the earth.

The darkness will become a treacherous tempestuous storm
Engulfing everything in its path, a black and swirling swarm
In the hands of the Devil are the cards he will play
Those embracing the darkness by the dark prince are swayed.

The ignorant don’t realize there is power in the darkness
It will overcome them with a merciless, ravenous starkness
The kingdom of the Beast as told by John the Revelator,
Is a kingdom of darkness ruled by the Great Abominator.

A black awakening will be birthed in this dark affliction
Revealing the men who love dark; it is their maleficent addiction
The words of Solomon say darkness is eaten by the fool
Men will know not upon which they stumble when the darkness rules.

Woe to the men who call good evil and evil good
They will wish to recant if only they could
But once the darkness has fallen their chances are few
For a great delusion will hide their minds from what is true.

Woe to the man who calls the light darkness and the darkness light
For the accuser of man is there to intensify man’s plight
The days of darkness are not far away
The Devil is ready for his final play.

We were warned we would battle the rulers of the darkness of this world.
Powers and spiritual wickedness, in the darkness their presence is unfurled.
The dangers of the darkness are frightening, mysterious and unnamed
It is in blackest darkness that the fallen ones have long been chained.

How have we come to this place where men are lovers of the dark?
Is it not as the days when Noah toiled building the great ark?
The darkness will consume all that it touches
And men will be tormented by its evil clutches.

But I know One of whom the darkness is under His feet
By His power all the stones of darkness He keeps.
And though the darkness is thick and is infested with gloom
And is the wandering place of the Serpent, whose head is plumed,

The One that I know can change the impenetrable darkness into light
He will overcome the darkness by the Power of His Might.
“As bright as the sun” the Revelator says in describing His face
He Himself is Light and darkness and light cannot occupy the same space.

To play his final hand the Devil will be allowed
And judgment will come with the dark and swirling clouds.
Know this people of God that in Judgment God is highly exalted
And not by our might or power but by His Spirit will the darkness be assaulted.

And suddenly we realize this darkness is the “Day of the Lord”
It is the judgment of God and His swift and terrible sword.
Darkness should not be in the walk of the follower of Christ
For we have been called out of darkness into His Glorious Light.

What will the result of these Days of Judgment be?
Will you be cast into outer darkness for all eternity?
We will overcome the darkness by our testimony and the Blood of the Lamb
While the world is made a prisoner of the darkness that descends upon the land.

Yes darkness falls across the land
And the Devil will play his final hand
Are you prepared for the events that lie beyond our sight?
Can you face the darkness because you are a bearer of the Light?

Men will either overcome the darkness because they have repented
Or by the darkness be overcome because to darkness they have relented.
For a season darkness will have its way
Satan is ready his final hand to play.

Feb 27, 2015

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