Hi Steve, I saw your section on dreams and visions, so I thought I would
share a dream I had. I have dreams sometimes, and I think I would have alot
more if I walked closer to God, because I have more dreams when I am in
prayer, fasting, and focused on things of God more. Ok well, here is one of
the more recent and pertinent ones that I had in May of 2009, regarding
what I believe is the future of our country. I believe it was a message,
because it was unusual, specific details that I remembered, and clearly in
order, unlike other dreams I have, and I woke up with a deep feeling that I
had seen something that was actually happening in reality, along with an
urgency regarding souls and eternal matters:

I was in a house and I heard threatening growls in the back yard, so I
grabbed my pistol and went to see what it was. At first I only saw a little
brown dog and I thought 'he's not hurting anyone, that's not what I heard.'
So I kept looking.

This house had really high windows like 20 feet high close to the tall
ceiling, but I could see out of them somehow, and they were really small. I
finally saw the dog who was threatening, it was a pure black dog, and as I
watched him, he started growing tall, at least as tall as the house and
came to the window I was looking out of. By now the windows had grown
larger and lower, not so high and small. The dog stuck his head into the
window and broke into it, and now his head and neck was in the house. So
there I was with this huge black dog head filling up the whole room, and it
could have killed me, very scary, so I didn't even try to shoot it or fight
it, I left to another room of the house where there were a lot of other
people standing around what seemed like a kitchen table.

A while later, I asked someone what ever happened with that dog that broke
in, and I was shown visually how that once it had gotten its head into the
house, he was able to wiggle his whole body in through the window leg by
leg and break into the house. Once I saw that scene, I had the overwhelming
feeling that a monumental violation had occurred, and nothing would ever be
the same again. Then I looked and the dog had turned into a young man,
about 14 to 16 years old. And he was a tall man-sized boy, but something
was wrong with him, he was perverted. And he went around scaring everyone
and tricking or scaring them into doing perverted things. And everyone was
hiding their weapons from him, and mostly ignoring him when they could, but
secretly scared. We all talked amongst ourselves, standing around that
table and pretending he wasnt there.

At the table, there was a lady between me and the boy, so I thought he
couldn't see me and I had a fancy knife that I understood somehow was my
weapon in my right hand. It had curved silvery razor blades all around it.
I have never seen a weapon like it, but when I thought he wasn't watching,
I slipped it into a drawer behind the girl's back. Somehow I had a
knowledge that others were doing the same. We hid our weapons from him.

Then suddenly me and two of my family members, were in a back room watching
a projector screen, but it seemed what we were shown was real life. We were
watching a bloody war scene from the streets of somewhere in America, and I
never knew where it was taking place. But it was a violent gun fight and
one side was obviously losing real bad. It was pretty obviously a ragtag
gang of rebellion against what was happening in the authority structure.
The rebels were the losing side, and they seemed like ordinary American
men, young to middle age, and caucasian. They were using very modern
automatic styled fighting rifles.

There were at least two beings that I could barely see there in the room
with us, showing us this battle scene on that projector screen, and one
being told the other 'Don't show it to her in color, show it in black and
white'. I think that is because the bloodshed was really disturbing me.
They moved close to the projector, and they reached out toward the screen
with their hands, and the scene changed from color to black and white.
After that, it did not seem as bloody, but it showed me how soft I am,
because I am not used to seeing how brutal and gory it was. It was a very
real scene that struck a deep nerve with me, like I was seeing it happen in
front of me in real time.

The side that was winning was cutting off the heads of the defenseless men
and lining them up along the side of the street in pairs, as a sign or
warning I guess, but it was gruesome scene of cutting the heads off and
severing the spine, some were alive and some were already dead, but the
live ones were severely wounded already and were very helpless. They were
doing it in a very fast sloppy way, and like it was planned ahead of time
to do it in that way. By the way, I DONT EVER HAVE DREAMS LIKE THIS!

I noticed, about half of the men died horribly and the other half died
peacefully, some even before their heads were cut off, but it was very hard
to watch and gruesome, they were lining heads up on the side of the street
in twos. Two by two. It was obviously a street of some town, and I knew it
was somewhere in America, but it felt like not everywhere stood up and
fought like that, although there was oppression all over. There was alot of
helplessness against what was happening. I tried and tried to see who was
doing the beheadings, but it was hidden from me.

At that point I could sense eternity so strong on the dead mens faces, and
the obvious message I felt from that is to be closer to God than ever
before. Maybe it was a warning mostly meant for me. I woke up at that
moment with the knowledge that I had seen something real.

I don't think I have the interpretation of the dream completely, but some
of the things that I believe I do understand, is that the black dog
represented what the Obama administration was used to do to our country. I
don't think Bush was innocent either for the record, but as I saw events
taking place in the economy, politics and laws after that dream, I could
see the legs of that dog working their way into that house, and I felt that
same feeling that we are never going back. That dream gave me alot of peace
with the grief of saying goodbye to freedoms and priveleges we have known,
because I felt God himself has shown me he is letting it happen. He showed
me it is no surprise to him. Also, I think the windows of the house were
small and high at first, because the house was fortified, but they got
bigger and lower, as defenses were removed. I am unsure completely about
the perverted man that people were afraid of, but ignoring. The media
maybe? Corrupt spirits? Foreign guards or peacekeepers on our streets? Only

At the time of this dream, I could not imagine our guns being taken any
time soon, but now we can see that is a strong threat, and an agenda being
brought against us. I wondered if my 'silvery' weapon was a hint at hiding
other valuable items as well as guns?

As far as the battle scene, it showed how bad things would get, and how
helpless we will be against it, and how the important thing will be to have
our souls right with God. I believe there is a significance to the heads
being placed two by two on the sides of the streets, and I have come to
believe that when times get that bad, God will show me something, or bring
someone to tell me something, that I will recognize as being from this part
of my dream. Or if I share my dream enough, it may be for someone else.
Maybe this will be something to help us see that God is with us, even right
in the middle of some pretty harrowing things. It may also be some
instruction or confirmation at the right time, but only if I remain close
to him and following after his ways. God Bless.


Dec 26, 2012

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