Dream of Putin and russia---I know that Russia will invade the United States and be responsible for much shedding of blood.

Dear Steve, please feel free to use this if you like. I really enjoy what you have to say when on the radio. Please know how very much in esteem we all hold you. God bless and protect you Steve, and thank you for reaching a back-slider such as myself. Psalms119:105 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."
My prophetic dream from a month ago: I dreamed I admired Putin for the effective way he got things done and I had a chance to meet with him and he was going to show me his method.I was accompanied by 2 women; one a very good friend and another that I did not know. We met in a dark basement and I shook hands with Putin who was accompanied by 2 other men I did not know. We shook hands and they motioned for us to come with them into a well-lit room. I was afraid and hung back while the other 2 women rushed into the room as the door closed behind them. After a few minutes I heard my friend say, "Oh My God." Total silence followed and then screaming "Oh my God " then a final scream of "Oh my God"followed by silence and I knew immediately they had killed her.I never heard a peep out of the other woman but knew she had also been killed, too stunned and terrified to make a sound. I crawled under a table in the corner of the dark room absolutely terrified. I could hear the men laughing and drinking and toasting each other like they were having a party and celebrating something. After a short while, I heard someone leave the celebration and enter the room where I was hiding. I was crouching, trying to make myself as little as possible so no one would see me. One of the men entered the room where I was hiding and I could literally see both of his hands saturated and dripping with blood which he washed off in a sink. I was afraid he was coming for me but for some reason he just wanted to wash his hands and get another bottle of alcohol. He went back in the room where the other men were and they continued to laugh and drink and had (miracle of all miracles) forgotten about me. After a while, I managed to gather up my courage and escape thru the basement door. When I got outside I was stunned to see I was in America and not Russia..as a matter of fact, it looked like the city of Palm Springs with a swimming pool and lots of palm trees. A thick blackness, like billowy clouds of black velvet was so thick on the ground and was starting to rise..it was so thick it now covered the pool and suddenly there was a tiny sliver of golden light so small yet it ran for miles ahead in a tiny rivulet. It was so narrow I had to walk heel to toe in order to stay on my path and a voice told me, which I knew was an angel or God at my right shoulder to stay in the light, walk in the light.. at that moment I knew the darkness I saw was the evil that is in America..but the voice never wavered nor ever left me..just kept repeating "Stay in the light." as I was escaping. After I got far enough away they started looking for me but it was too late I had escaped. Even though I could still see them they couldn't see me as the blackness surrounding them kept rising. My dream was in color and so real that when I woke up at 2:45 am I was unable to go back to sleep. Recently, I have heard of other people having prophetic dreams set in Palm Springs although I do not know the significance and also I have heard of others commenting on the black mists or clouds. The significance of the dripping bloody hands I prayed for an answer to this as it figured prominently in my dreams.. All that comes to mind is that there is more power in the blood of Christ...that I was covered in his blood and therefore I was saved.I know that Russia will invade the United States and be responsible for much shedding of blood. God Bless, Linda D.

Mar 17, 2015

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