What The Watchman Said

I listened to a fellow called a watchman just the other day
It seemed dark and scary all the things he had to say
I suffered much discomfort from listening to his words
Wondering, was he speaking truth or if he was absurd.

He spoke of things that were to come in the days ahead
I was quite disconcerted from his words of dread.
Isn’t God a God of love who protects us all with care?
I’d rather hear of peace on earth not warnings of despair.

Let those with ears hear what the spirit says:

The watchman is but a messenger and the message he cannot hold
He is under a commandment to warn those in the fold.
The message of love you long to hear is not lost in warning
And peace is not forgotten because a storm is forming.

The love of God is expressed to us through the watchman’s cry
Peace is found in Jesus Christ but we still must face the coming strife
We are not given a spirit of fear, we don’t face anything alone
Too many have forgotten we are aliens and this world is not our home.

We have become too insulated and don’t want to be inconvenienced
We have fallen away from the truth and fallen from obedience
The world is looking for a message that will simply tickle their ears
And the watchman is ignored and the message is not revered.

It can be very disconcerting to think of what tomorrow brings
To think the life we know will take flight on unseen wings.
It is a man of faith who sees God’s hand within these scenes.
Through faith we find the Father’s everlasting arms where we can lean.

Not everyone is called to move to a distant land
Not everyone is called to put a weapon in his hand
Not everyone is called to be a watchman
Not everyone is called to bear the weight of a capstan.

But everyone is called to face tomorrow on their knees
The call is clear for repentance before this moment flees.
Everyone is called to heed the warnings of coming blackness,
Many are called, but few will come, to be laborers in the harvest.

God will not reside in the box you’ve built and His words will never change.
In the Garden, Eve fell for a message where the truth was rearranged.
Like Adam or like Eve is our rejection of God’s word any different today?
We want the message to feed our lusts and our own desires portray.

There is coming a day when deception will be removed from all creation
And God will destroy the covering that blankets all the nations
A day of judgement is foretold when God’s anger burns
And righteousness, by all the earth will then be learned.

To reject the words the true and Godly watchmen speak
Is to reject that Almighty God His covenants will keep.
Disbelief of tribulation is also to reject His coming Kingdom
And rejecting truth will lead to disabling fear of the coming bedlam.

The old order of things must pass away so that all things become new.
This isn’t a message for the ancients; it is a current word for me and you.
If prophecy isn’t true then from the Bible the book of Jeremiah must be removed,
And if watchman cannot be trusted the book of Psalms cannot be approved.

Genesis would have to go because it is prophetic too,
And Deuteronomy prophecies that the dessert one day will bloom;
Isaiah, Corinthians, Ezekiel, Luke, Daniel, Hosea, Joel and Amos
There is not a book in the Bible without a message to warn us.

Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah,
Malachi, Haggai, Revelation, Matthew and Zechariah
All tell of the coming Kingdom and shout the warning signs
From cover to cover God’s Word proclaims the things that are assigned.

On the assigned day, at the assigned time, the King of Kings will come
Those who hear the warnings and see the signs will rejoice to see the Son.
Far too many don’t understand the message is about God’s Kingdom,
And the reclaiming of the earth and destroying the existing whoredom.

But rejecting the message and the messenger also happened in antiquity
The prophets were stoned by those who believed they acted very religiously.
Those martyred for the message could fill the books of history
And the ultimate messenger who was in fact the message died on a hill called Calvary.

Yes, the message can be hard to hear and can bring feelings of trepidation,
Revealing the coming desolations, tribulation and great abominations,
But for the blood bought child of God here is our prayer, “Thy Kingdom come.”
And the glory of God’s Kingdom is so much more than we could ever fathom.

Because denial leads to torment
The Watchman cannot relent
The message is to repent
Before our time is spent.

Don’t be discouraged by the things the Watchman said
It is time for the child of God to be lifting up his head
Hearken to the Word of God and what the Watchman said
Evil will soon be judged and soon the bride will wed.

The listener must beware and search the scripture to see if things be true
Don’t just accept what the Watchman said, you are responsible too
No other gospel than the word of God is acceptable to preach
The Truth is always found by those willing to pray and seek.

By Randy Conway
Acts 17:11, Gal. 1:6-9, 1Ch. 28:9

Mar 21, 2015

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