RANDY CONWAY-CONSIDER HIS WORDS:What if I told you everything you thought you knew about the world we live in was in reality a lie?

What if I told you everything you thought you knew about the world we live in was in reality a lie?
What if I said the Illuminati is real and there does exist an evil all Seeing Eye?
Would you believe the Truth if you encountered Truth face to face?
Would you believe that our every action is continually being traced?

Would you believe that the condition of our world and Nation long ago was planned,
And that a New World Order fashioned by an ancient evil is rapidly besieging man?
Would you believe that technology, in many ways a blessing, also is a curse?
Or that medicine and Pharmacal stopped being about healing and is about money in the purse.

Would you believe that the collider experiments taking place in Cern,
Could open unknown portals having consequences of grave concern?
Or would you rather pop a bag of popcorn and get a movie On Demand
Or watch the latest playoff game with the cell phone in your hand?

Would you believe that the seed of man has been continually under attack
Or that the minds of men are manipulated in order to keep them from fighting back.
What do you believe regarding the world's terrorism threat?
Are you aware that the evening news is nothing more than a movie set?

If I told you, could you accept that the Secret Societies are manipulating entire nations?
What if I said they have control of religion and the religious congregations?
Could you accept that our status quo was written long ago?
And true history is now a mystery and the truth we no longer know.

Is there truth behind the old Fairy Tales? We're there giants and are they coming back?
What of the Aliens? Are they more than science fiction; are they rather science fact?
What do you believe of prophecy and the days that lie ahead?
Do you think it all conspiracy and only fearful fools build a storehouse for their bread?

The questions regarding what you or I believe are infinite and more than we can name.
Our perception of the Truth does not alter Truth. For Truth remains unchanged.
Truth is the same yesterday, today and forever, that is indeed what makes it Truth.
Truth is that for which men desire, for those who are afraid to see it is an elusive sooth.

One Truth is overwhelming and is realized by precious few,
That God sent His only Son to make a way for me and you.
Your survival through the days ahead will depend upon what you believe.
Would you believe it if I told you God is waiting for you to just receive?

To receive the free gift of life He offers and the promise to see you through.
Through dangers in the days ahead; do you believe fools reject the Gift to their own rue?
It is time for the body of Christ to refrain from being the adulteress
For the world cannot be drawn unto a church that is found impotent and powerless.

Would you believe the Word of God?
What do you believe?

Mar 25, 2015

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