I was shown two arrows of God's judgment that would strike in the near future

The Axe and Bow Vision and Two Arrows
(I was shown two arrows of God's judgment that would strike in the near future)

In 1983 after being a student in the Teen Challenge Ministry for several months I set my heart to seek God and find Him. I had been recently converted and filled with His Spirit and deeply hungered for more of His presence. I had determined to fast and pray for three days with this scripture as my only petition:
But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul. (Deuteronomy 4:29)
At the conclusion of this fast I was alone in a class room sitting at a cubical style desk. I heard a voice behind me that said, “I AM who I AM and that shall I always be”. I turned to my right and I saw a large golden bow with an axe head attached to the top of the bow. It was several feet wide and was spinning around in all three dimensions. The axe head was perpendicular to the bow and formed a cross when looking straight at it. The vision really seemed as if it was actually in the room and not a vision in my mind. The voice also seemed to come from behind me and not from within.
I was a young Christian and didn’t know what to do so I told the vision to leadership at Teen Challenge. They took the vision very seriously and the director called for prayers and repentance at the center. The directors also telephoned a local pastor with many years experience to interpret the vision. The consensus was that Jesus, who is the same yesterday today and forever, was about to use the weapons of his indignation as judgment on an unrepentant people. However, because of some internal issues at Teen Challenge at that time they wondered if God was about to drop the axe on them. In my heart I knew that there was more to what God was saying.
I began to search the scriptures with a Strong’s Concordance to understand the symbolic use of the bow and/or axe in scriptures. What I quickly learned was that Gods Judgment was often symbolized with the bow and or axe. In Ezekiel 9 God shows how He would judge Israel for their sins by the use of a deadly weapon, a battle-axe, beginning at the house of God. God would only spare those with His mark who mourned and wept over their sins and the sins of those who went by the name of God. I continued to search the scriptures for the words ‘axe’ and/or ‘bow’ and also ‘arrow”. I found a cluster of them in Jeremiah 50-51. As I read these chapters I came to the conclusion that the USA might very well be Mystery Babylon and if not, then for sure a daughter of Babylon. When I shared this with folks back then I was stigmatized as “one of them whackos”. For many years before the internet and in my small pockets of Christian fellowships I felt alone in understanding what was coming to our nation. The only one that gave a message that resonated with me that I knew of was David Wilkerson. Among all of his great sermons and messages was the book, “Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth”.

As the years went by living life and raising a family I always knew that the dreadful day would come. It is now upon us! God will judge the USA as well as other nations in this last hour the same way he has always dealt with judging nations as outlined in His word. Please know that the father has mercifully made a way of escape for all of us! In the vision the Axe and Bow Formed a Cross indicating that the judgment for all nations, as well as individuals, are placed on Christ for those who repent and believe. However at this point in time, we will not escape God’s judgment nationally (It has already started) but as individuals we can escape through honest and sincere repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Fast forward to September of 2013, after seeking God through fasting and prayer, I had a series of dreams that are prophetic in nature. The one dream that I had is related to the Bow and Axe judgment vision that I received in the early eighties concerning God's judgment. I have not had any revelations concerning this vision until this dream. In this dream, from last year, I was shown two arrows of God's judgment that would strike in the near future; an arrow of light (sort of) and then an arrow of darkness. I'm still trying to make sense of it, but here is the dream. I was in a large warehouse that had windows. I was shown a man with a bow that was loaded with an arrow. He shot the arrow across the warehouse to a bull’s eye target. I thought 'good shot'. This happened twice. And then all of a sudden this bluish plasma type material filled up the warehouse through the window everywhere in an instant. I knew it was bad but I thought to myself it doesn't seem that bad. Then a fog like smoke lifted from the area. Then all of a sudden a black oozy darkness that could not be penetrated began to fill everything everywhere. It was like black tar. The dream ended.
Pondering the dream I begin to understand a few things. After going on a job interview about a month after I had the dream I saw the warehouse. During the interview when I was in this warehouse I thought to myself “this is the warehouse I saw in my dream." So I knew I was going to get hired at this job and I did in November 2013.
My best guess at what the bluish plasma is either a CME or EMP?. The darkness is physical and spiritual? I haven’t definitively determined the meaning of these arrows. I believe they are actually events to happen quite soon. Any help is greatly appreciated.
The other dreams in this series of dreams were related to a run on the banks, a stock market crash related to or blamed on an electronic failure and a subsequent false stock exchange being set up with the oversight being given by a older woman with short gray hair, An explosive police state, earthquakes and tectonic plates rolling. C.R.

Apr 9, 2015

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