I felt that I was being told that I needed to stop wasting my time on people who will not help themselves. After hearing you, once again, I think now I know why I was impressed to tell you too

Dear Steve,
I had this dream a couple of weeks ago, it struck me as important and my Wife told me that I should tell you but I thought why bother? I thought that it was only connected to myself and that it was only informational to me so I let it be. I wrote you about the cattle instead. Last week I had the chance to be in your area and I thought how cool, and my Wife again prompted me, I still said Why? I prayed about it and having no immediate answer I left it in the dust bin. As you know I am a truck driver and I do not get to listen to much of anything live most of my favourite stuff is downloaded and then played on my Wife's Sony as I am driving at night. Well I finally got to hear your last Sunday show from Dave Hodges. All I could think of is oops.
Anyways, here is the dream take what you will from it.
In the dream my Wife and I are in a rural town. It is a mishmash of North Dakota, Montana, Alberta, and Rural Saskatchewan, you know little bits of each region but symbolizing the general character of the people and land.
We are talking to a young man, near the down town core and we are trying to impress upon him the importance of getting some food and supplies to weather the coming crisis. After much discussion where I even offer him money to buy the supplies, I don't know why but it was a 20 lb bag of rice, a case of canned corn and I think feminine hygiene products, he agrees to go buy the stuff while refusing politely my money. He immediately gets on his bike and goes about a block away and gets back off and sets the bike down to just watch me. He does not go and get the stuff. So my Wife and I walk away too. This is where it gets weird. We come to the main square and there is three rows of benches like what we used to use in school. The heavy ones made of 2 x 6 's . On these benches there is many electronic devices that are connected together. Phones, laptops, scanners, pads, and who knows what all modern connectivity devices. There is power cables and all sorts of wires running everywhere. In front of these benches are people. Not sitting on them but, in line with these devices. Everyone is engrossed with their particular machine. Some are watching shows, some are listening some texting and some doing Farmville. I do not know a lot about games but this one seemed to be the most popular one. My Wife and I both tried to talk to the people there. We started at the front row nearest the street and nobody even looked up at us.
She then stood off to the side and shook her head at me still trying. I moved to the back and I was shouting but the people never looked up, some turned the volume up to ignore me. I went to step over the middle bench and there was a computer tower all plugged in and a cable leading to a woman's phone. As I raised my foot I finally got a reaction. The woman looked at me gave me a hate filled stare and said "Don't you dare step there". After I put my foot back down she went back to her phone and it was like I was not even there. I looked to my Wife who by then was just shrugging her shoulders, she pointed to the sky and said it is getting too late we should go and the sun was almost set on the town. Instead I turned around. In the very last row there was people of course but over them there was light shades. Every person had an individual light over them. They were an antique style with little crocheted covers and fine webbing from the edges. They also had a pull chain. So with one younger man that was right there in front of me now I pulled the chain. He never looked up. So I pulled the next one and with that light out he still did not look up but he leaned over to the woman next to him to use her light to see his pad with. Just like a flower leaning to the sun. This guy was a vegetable. So I just started pulling light chains till they were all in darkness and I left them and woke up.
I felt that I was being told that I needed to stop wasting my time on people who will not help themselves. After hearing you, once again, I think now I know why I was impressed to tell you too. God Bless you for what you have done over the years, It is so much more than I ever could have done and I consider you a light in my life.
Thank you,

Aug 14, 2015

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