I will pray for those I love for those that I hold dear, For a day is fast approaching when men’s hearts will fail for fear.

The words of warning by true watchmen are being continually shared,
Though some accuse them of nefarious intentions their words are not to scare.
From a heart of genuine concern they warn so that people might be prepared
And every day it seems we see the evidence of the things that were declared.

Now Christian take to your Knees and fervidly proclaim repentance,
Christian fall on your knees before the Lord and not just for your deliverance,
Of the things that lie in the future the things that will cause men’s heart to fail
But pray that men will turn to God and see through the delusional veil.

My heart is heavy when I think of what will become of those I know and love
What pain will they endure and who will survive when this push has become shove?
Pray for open eyes and pray for open ears pray for the very young and pray also for the old
When the money is gone and the electric bill is due many will be overcome by bitter cold.

Hunger I think would be a most slow miserable way to die
The despair and broken hearts of mothers as they listen to their children cry.
Pray also for the remnant for persecution is not to come it has arrived
If you’re not fervently praying then perhaps you too are living in the lie.

The lie that says the words of warning are nothing more than the prose of fools.
Those who believe this lie will fit nicely into the New World Order rule.
Have you considered how many homeless people there will be in the days ahead?
Or do thoughts of your favorite team winning fill your mind instead?

EMP’s or Nuclear War will leave families, lives and nation wounded
When riots hit the streets not just the stores, but lives are going to be looted.
How much pain will be incurred so the transhumanist can play their games?
Have you prayed for anyone’s protection from the chemical spray that rains?

What of giants? Do you believe that fairy tales are their only home?
Perhaps we should be deep in prayer before the giants again do roam.
Should we not pray for that power which overcomes all the power of the enemy?
The future is held only by the Living God not some imagined immunity.

I will pray for those I love for those that I hold dear,
For a day is fast approaching when men’s hearts will fail for fear.
I pray for those I’ve never met that all will be awakened
To looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

By Randy Conway

Nov 1, 2015

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