Hello Steve, I had another dream I would like to share with you. I am going
to do my best to relay this in words because it is the strangest dream I
have had. I was on a platform of sorts in the heavens. I say both, platform
and heavens because that is the best way to describe them. I do not know
how I came to be there only that I was there. The platform was like pure
gold coming out of clouds with large columns. It was beautiful and amazing.
At the end of the platform and it was long, was a throne inshrined in pure
light. Brighter than the sun, this was the source of light in the heavens
because the sun was not there. I knew that God was seated on this throne. I
could not see God, The light of God or his glory but not God. I felt like a
little child eager to jump into the arms of a father so I took off running
towards the light. As I got closer to the light I saw Jesus standing to the
right side and angels, thousands upon thousands of angels around the
throne. The first thing I noticed about the angels was their size, to say
they were huge is an understatement. The second thing I noticed was they
were dressed for battle. Jesus looked at me and raised his hand as in the
gesture of be patient and wait a moment so I stopped and just looked and
took in what I was seeing. All of a sudden I felt this overwhelming sense
of animosity or anger coming from the throne, it was like a wave. The sky
started to roll and it had the appearance of a severe thunderstorm but
unlike anything I have ever seen. The light on the throne darkened and the
wind picked up I could hear trumpets and KNEW the wrath of God was
building. My attention was directed over the side of the platform towards
Earth. This was the direction of God's wrath. Jesus and the host of heaven
were peering in this direction as well. I could not see Earth but I could
hear screams, cries, and moaning coming from Earth. It was like a mountain
of pain and suffering building up to heaven, again I could not see this, it
was something I could sense. Then I was jolted from sleep as if I had been
thrown back to bed. I fear the darkest of days are dawning here, not down
the road but right now.

Jan 12, 2013

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