Peace be to your home. May the Lord bless you and all believers as HE sees
fit and right on this earth.
After the Hagmann and Hagmann show on Fri 1/11/13 I slept well and had a
dream in which I was told to relate to you. In it I was stopped by a
messenger (who appeared with lightning and thunder), I pushed past and
again the messenger appeared in front of me with lightning and thunder.
(He) said to relate that we had been given the information that was correct
and needed (in the show) and we should (believe, act, learn, do) as we have
been told (by God). (He) also said each and every one of us would be
"tested". (This was all given with a great sense of urgency). He ended with
"This is MY Word".
Yours in Christ

Jan 12, 2013

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