Hi Steve

I had a weird dream and i will give you the readers digest version. The
dream takes place over a 12 month period.

In the dream my wife and i are watching TV when CNN breaks in with this

10's of thousands gather at open air stadiums around the world. They say
they were telepathically called to the stadiums. Several hours pass by when
over each stadium a swirling cloud appears and lights descend and ascend
from the cloud to the turf and visa versa. This happens for a day or so.

The next month the same thing happens only now 100's of thousands gather
with news crews from around the world and millions are glued to their

The 3rd month and over the next 8 months the same thing happens but the
telepathically contacted people begin worshipping and thousands start to
get healed and with the last couple of monthly appearances tons of food of
all kinds are majically beamed into the stadiums. The telepathically
contacted people say unanimously that the food is meant for the poor and
they say that the deliverers will soon be arriving.

On the 13th event instead of food the throngs of telepathically contacted
worshippers and healed and news crews witness from the swirling clouds a
ship lowering onto the stadium turf.
The ships do nothing but suddenly the radio and TV stations begin
broadcasting the time and place of the masters arrival.

The next day a small glowing glorious craft descends from another cloud
with lights ascending from the dome of the rock site in Israel. A very
human like whitish being comes out with a official looking entourage and
announces that the saviour has arrived.

During the dream between the monthly events news stations and new age
leaders clammered for popularity and viewership. Of all the people
transfixed by the events 1 very very small group were saying it was all a
demonically controlled con and that the anti-christ was arriving. These
people were mercilessly ridiculed by the press and anyone associated with
them in public. The events were mesmerizing the world.

Thanks Steve for reading. The dream was very detailed and quite riveting. I
felt no fear and it was like my wife and I were watching a long movie but
at the same time knew that it was really happening.

God bless

Jan 13, 2013

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