I was on a beach - had been heading up a conference for true believers. My daughter was with me and teaching about Jesus Christ also. This was an open vision in a dream that "THE LORD" had given me. I shared it with you on the phone the day after I had it five years ago.

We were out on the beach walking during a break in teaching and ministry time - early evening. Everyone heard the most incredible "worship" praising God - many in tongues and it was coming from the sky.

My daughter and I were walking off to right away from the group and as everyone looked up, we saw the most incredible sight! Coming down from the sky in soft, peach colored robes, were dark angels! They did not have wings and were all very tall - I instantly KNEW that they were NOT OF GOD, as did my daughter! There are NOT FEMALE ANGELS!

We ran to hide behind some rugged cliffs on the beach and a girl in her late teens had been mesmerized by the sound and she couldn't hear anything, she just continued to walk forward behind the cliffs in a hidden area far from anyone's view. Three of the dark angels had shed their clothing and their human looking skins and looked like tall dogs standing on two legs and they began eating her while she was still very much alive but in a trance. We couldn't rescue her so we began to RUN - YELLING TO EVERYONE TO GET BACK TO THE BUILDINGS RIGHT AWAY - THAT THESE WERE NOT ANGELS- BUT DEMONS OR ALIENS AND THERE TO DESTROY AND EAT US!

The dark angels all began to drop their facades and chase the attendees although many didn't make it back. The sun was going down and for some reason they couldn't see in the dark, and my daughter commanded everyone to pray in tongues and for the Presence of God and the Blood of Jesus to cover us!

The dark beings were scratching at the walls, windows and roofs, which we'd covered with anything we could find and prayed and we began quoting the scriptures and
People were terrified beyond imagination as they'd seen what had happened to those who had been caught trying to run away from them and were in stupors - many had lost their minds from fear!

We continued to pray and as the sun began to rise, the demons or aliens / whatever they were, began to leave! We were waiting for rescue.....then I awoke. I was very shaken and prayed and when we spoke either that day or the next, I told you everything and you didn't seem to be really surprised at all. You believed me and I was extremely relieved that you prayed with and for me! I knew nothing about Cannabalism THEY ARE COMING! ~R

Jan 13, 2013

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