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Watchman's Cry - News from the Wall #12 - Part 3

Watchman's Cry - News from the Wall #12 - Part 3


"Obama 2.0 - The Next Four Years!"

This end time series is an examination of Administration Obama & what it will mean for the world!

Who is Obama? What are his plans?

Obama's second term has begun. What is his agenda? What is his influence?

The next four years are going to forever change America. The trend is going to take the USA down the dark road towards communism, fascism and tyranny.

The wheels of change are turning. What will this mean for Christians?

This message will visit these questions and more.

1. America is transforming into a tyrant.

2. Hitler's methods and the trends of Obama.

3. The Enabling Act...A Primer.

4. The Second Amendment under attack.

5. Pacifism vs Self Defense. What should Christians do?

6. Lord of the Flies?

7. A challenge to make plans...NOW!!!

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God Bless,
Nathan Leal


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Feb 6, 2013

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