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WHY DID HE WIN? WHY DID HE WIN? It’s inevitable after an election loss. Blame and fault are widely cast. The pundits blame Romney’s message. Some say Americans were fooled into casting their votes for the incumbent. Republicans didn’t appeal to women, Hispanics or the young, they say. But, really, why did the President get re-elected? Regarding who selects our leaders, God revealed the following to Daniel: Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. (Daniel 2:20-22) Thus, we know that God selected the President for a second term. Why, one might ask? See the prior post on this subject: THE PERFECT PRESIDENT. The President was raised as a youngster in a Muslim school, mentored as a teen by a Marxist member of the American Communist Party and purportedly fathered by a Kenyan whose family was active in opposing British rule. He voted several times against bills that would have prohibited partial birth abortion in the Illinois Senate. He announced his support for same sex marriage before the election. He has ridiculed and treated with disdain the elected leader of Israel. His administration has denied the right of religious belief to Catholic institutions. He thus qualifies as a Perfect President to be used by God as His instrument of judgment on a country the majority of which apparently believe the same things. Any thinking Christian should have seen the above listed facts as dis-qualifiers for re-election. But, according to the numbers now coming in from Tuesday’s election, 26% of the total vote cast for the President came from evangelical Christians (over 6 million voters). Read that sentence again. Millions of Christian Americans knew their President was radically pro-abortion and pro-same sex marriage, with a thinly veiled hatred of Israel, and they still walked in the voting booth and cast their personal votes in favor of the proponent of these anti-Biblical positions. God help us. The underlying theme of THE END OF AMERICA (available on Amazon in softback and on Kindle for 99 cents) is that God revealed to us in His Word the identity of Mystery Babylon, a/k/a as the Daughter of Babylon and Babylon the Great, in the 223 verses in the Old and New Testament written by five Prophets. He gave us thirty separate clues, each directly pointing to the United States of America. Since the book’s publication I’ve heard from many Christians who say that they had previously concluded from praying and reading scripture that America is the Daughter of Babylon. For those who may have doubts, I would simply ask them to read the thirty clues and render an opinion as to which other nation of the world these prophecies could possibly apply. The prophecies also include nine different warnings to Christians and Jewish residents to flee, run, get out of the Daughter of Babylon before its destruction caused by its betrayal of Israel. That concept, leaving one’s own beloved country, is not an easy plan to embrace. We are all creatures of habit. We love our country, family, neighbors and friends. The election on Tuesday, though, has put this decision into a new light. Look at the decision to flee like this: Suppose you belonged to a solid, Bible-believing and gospel proclaiming church which you dearly loved, but you moved and you were gone from the church for several years. Then, things changed and you returned and began to attend the same church again. But, you soon realize that the church, though it has the same name and building, is not the same church. The Bible is hardly ever mentioned, as sermons focus on self-worth and personal esteem. The members now refuse to share the gospel, saying, if asked, that they don’t want to offend anyone. The board of deacons is made up of men and women some of whom are engaged in quite obvious illicit relationships. The church’s male music director, it is widely known in the church, was married the prior year to a man in Massachusetts. The board of trustees just voted to contribute church funds to abortion providing organizations. Question. Coming back and learning all of these facts about your previously beloved church, would you have any hesitancy in leaving it? Just because the church used to be a center for God’s work was no guarantee that it couldn’t change, so leaving it should be an easy decision. Right? What’s the relevancy? America, much like the church example above, has drastically changed. It’s not your father’s country, nor your grandfather’s, nor, for that matter, yours. Michael Dougherty’s blog helped explain how the country has recently changed. Two and a half million Americans die every year. Therefore, since the last Presidential election in 2008 about ten million Americans have passed on. Based on voting stats, a majority would have been Republican voters and culturally conservative. Between 2008 and 2012 over 16 million Americans came of voting age. Younger voters today (these are the voters who heavily favored the re-election of the President) are not as culturally conservative. A majority favor the President’s position on social issues. As troubling as was the re-election of the Perfect President, we should be similarly concerned about what American voters said with their votes on drug use, same sex marriage and abortion. Maine, Washington and Maryland all voted to legalize same sex marriage. These votes were historic. In 31 prior votes on the subject in each state the voters said no to same sex marriage. Not in 2012. These three states were the first to adopt same sex marriage by the vote of the residents, not by judicial fiat. Colorado and Washington approved ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Some states had earlier approved it for medicinal purposes. Florida voters rejected a proposed ban on the use of public funds for abortion. Two candidates for the US Senate lost badly (though earlier in the lead) because they stood up for life in the womb. The ‘October Surprise’ was Super Storm Sandy which many commentators noted changed the outcome of the election. See Daniel 2 quote above. God raises up and He takes down. The mystery is how He allows earthlings to have free will, but always under His over-arching control, for His purposes. It’s been said that elections are “snapshots” of a nation at that point in time. If true, what does the picture taken of America on Tuesday tell us about America in 2012? Unfortunately, it’s not a pretty picture. Same sex marriage, legalized drug use, no restrictions on funds for abortion. A re-elected President who openly dislikes Israel and its leadership. At the same time, the blood of seventy million slain Americans has to be accounted for. As I finish this post today the newscast from Jerusalem reports that Israelis now “fear” that in the President’s second term Israel will receive even worse treatment than in the past. The reporter quoted sources as saying that ‘they expect to see their leader on the luncheon menu next January at the American Inauguration’. As in the church example above, has your nation changed to the extent that it’s time to move on, to “change churches”, so to speak? Is it time to begin a new ministry in a nation in which the residents are actually interested in the gospel and in pursuing His Word? Do you even recognize your country anymore? Read (or re-read) THE END OF AMERICA in light of what has happened this week. Pray for wisdom. Ask the Lord for wisdom as to fleeing America/Babylon the Great. God bless. John Price

Nov 9, 2012

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