Could the Twin Peaks shootout be a false flag operation to take the focus off of Jade Helm 15 in Texas

Waco, a conservative Central Texas town, had a motorcycle gang shootout Sunday shortly after noon. The event has captured local, state, national, and international new headlines. There were 9 dead and 18 injured with about 190 arrests.

Why would the managing partner of a franchise restaurant chain location promote outlaw motorcycle gang members as clientele as reported by a Waco Police Department spokesman. Some of the motorcycle gangs involved are 1%ers or total outlaw gangs! How did 5 different motorcycle gangs all show up to one location for a "Bike" promotion. I am in my mid-sixties and I can't ever remember anything like this happening. It has been my experience after a mass killing at a business location the business is doomed to close.

Why would people who have invested the amount of money it takes to open a franchise restaurant like Twin Peaks expose themselves to this kind of financial risk? Waco is the type of town where local people would not eat at a restaurant where outlaw biker gangs even occasionally frequented. The method of operation of this restaurant makes no business sense at all.

When things do not make sense I always ask myself why not. Could the Twin Peaks shootout be a false flag operation to take the focus off of Jade Helm 15 in Texas. The CIA/Alphabet Agency has been known to own or buy into businesses as cover for clandestine operations. Could this be a Jade Helm 15 operation where special forces operators showed up as motorcycle gang members then started the shootout. The restaurant manager/partner could have been made a financial offer too good to turn down to host the bikers. Jade Helm 15 has to be costing in the millions to pull off so why would another million or two be out of reason if it would take the focus off of Jade Helm 15.

Waco is in Central Texas with good highway access from all the major Texas cities. Buy into the restaurant operation and start attracting bikers. Next start reaching out to outlaw bikers gangs. When the scheduled event takes place the operators set the gang violence in motion by posing as bikers. Local police are alerted ahead of time and have the place under surveillance. The shootout starts and police move in with AR15s and make quick work of putting down the gang violence killing a few bikers. Headlines read 9 Dead, 18 Injured, and 190 plus arrested! Story is pushed worldwide and everybody in Texas is talking about the shootout in Waco and forgotten about JADE HELM 15! Just something to think about....

With Jesus for Life,


May 18, 2015

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