In all the recent broadcasts where in you reference the 12/21/12 significance, I have not heard you mention the deepest significance of this time marker.
This is not a criticism, as I am very thankful for your service to the Lord and what I have learned from you.
This is just a reminder and a request that you would make a point to cover this in your coming opportunities.
In David Flynn’s Temple at the center of time(chapter 14), he clarifies the fact that the dragon sweeping one third of the stars of heaven is not an indication of the percentage of angels that rebelled with Satan (traditional interpretation) but rather a time marker indicating the final 3rd of the precessional cycle over which Satan exercises some power (perhaps positional authority that he was given by God).
In any case, that temporal period ends on 12/21/2012. This is significant if you correlate it to what is described in Revelation 12:7 -17. This is about to happen. Satan’s legitimate authority is about to end on 12/21/2012. He will be thrown down (this is in process now). He will attack Israel. He will fail. He will come after us. He is desperate and his time is short. He is also insane (the star “Nihal” in the constellation Lepus was God’s clue to this…).
This is the most significant fact associated with the end of the 25,920 year precessional cycle. This is timing put in place by God and incontrovertible by all others.
The Sun’s alignment with the galactic plane and the energies associated with this “Xibalba”, the alignment of the planets, the energy wave that will hit us on the 23rd of December and the approach of Gabriel’s fist are all conditions/signs that will further exacerbate the symptoms/indicators we are seeing of Jesus’ return. Perhaps, these combined influences will engender the missing sign, which would be the tossing of the sea, (pole shift) and accelerate the opening of the hyper-dimensional portals.
However, the most significant event, if I am correct, is the loss of position for Satan/Lucifer and the events it will trigger.
The day (12/21/12) will seemingly pass unremarkably and this will allow the elitists to “discredit” those who emphasized its significance without understanding the depth of the truths associated therewith.

Thank you, Steve. I look forward to hearing you with Doug and Joe on Sunday.

Your brother in Christ,


Dec 1, 2012

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