Steve~This old earth is in the beginning of the end and ready to give up the ghost. Humans (or other worldly beings owned by the devil) have nearly destroyed it. I know that many people in Japan would leave in a NY minute if they had the finances and means to leave Japan after what has happened with the advent of Fukushima, but there is really no one who would probably try to accommodate that many people readily in these days. My heart breaks for the mothers who have miscarried and lost young babies to radiation illness and cannot possibly protect themselves from it even now, as it continues to poison the very air they breathe to live, not to mention the food and water supplies. There is so much illness among the entire country and no escaping it unless the Lord intervenes in the lives of the people and causes them to be immune to it. So many women and men are now also infertile and will never be able to bear a child because of it. It's so much worse than even Chernobyl was at the beginning. I love the fact that Henry Gruver prayed the radiation levels down to normal when he took his trip there! We should all move in that authority and power as disciples of Jesus, being filled with the Holy Ghost - if only the Lord could lift our hearts and minds to walking in that level of faith right away, I know it's there for the taking and using for the Lord's glory.

The volcanoes erupting globally all within such a short period of time these past years simply add to the pollution and disasters that Jesus told us would come, whether natural or caused by men and their machines (LHC, etc) and it it is wild being alive during such a time, knowing how it will all play out! I was talking to my father last evening about the influences of weather manipulation and other such things taking place, including that fault line that runs down into the Temecula/San Diego area again and the storms now assaulting the northern coast of Cali, OR and parts of WA state and he told me again that things will play out the way they're supposed to.

Dec 3, 2012

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