New Madrid Quake Watch: 12/3/12 SitRep
The NMSZ does not act alone. Historical relationships have been obscure. Recently, however, the relationship is noted following events elsewhere in short order.
The relationship is most notable in the first of the following scenarios.
Tectonic Plate response scenario:
We see a continued and marked relationship between EQ’s on the W side of the Pacific Rim and, following in time, EQ’s on the E side. How closely and dramatically the correlation follows seems to be shrinking in elapsed time. This relationship is accented when NMSZ quakes follow upticks in W Coast US swarms. We can note the lesser EQ energy release at the NMSZ vs EQ energy release at the W Coast or far Pacific Rim. We need to consider the disparity of energy release at the NMSZ vs elsewhere as related to distance from initial EQ/energy release. The further the distance acrosse the earths surface the less energy transmitted.
Antipodal response scenario:
6,000mi S of Myanmar and 3,000mi W of Australia is the Antipode for New Madrid, Missouri. This seismically quite active area of the South Indian Sea could see a major undersea earthquake as a prelude to a large NMSZ EQ. Similar to the example of where several large magnitude quakes in NW China, over the last 4yrs, preceded Volcanic eruptions and EQ’s in Chile at the antipode. In this scenario distance is not a hindrance to energy transfer and indeed may actually be enhanced by travel directly through the planet rather than across connecting tectonic plates.
GeoEngineering and Weather Mod response scenario:
We have seen HAARP/Doppler/et al activity prior to NMSZ EQ’s and Deadly weather outbreaks. We have no way currently to measure the actual energy transfer rates.
Nor, any way to provide evidence of direct correlation.
I have researched historical data attempting to tie the 1812 NMSZ quakes to any other seismic event globally without success. Notably, record keeping of the time is lacking.
I know of no way to correlate Bible prophecies in Haggai (two large, entirely separate in time, quakes, which could be nuke weapon precipitated) with the propecy in Revelation of a mountain thrown into the sea.
Nonetheless, a combination of ongoing GEOENG and Weather Mod, with a major Jap EQ or Volcanic eruption, and, an antipodal event in the Indian Ocean would surely produce the most potential for a nation stopping NMSZ event.
Therefore, I watch for increased CONUS HAARP/et al activity at, or directed to, the NMSZ along with, obviously, increases in Pacific Rim activity, particularly Japan, and, the potential of a concurrent Indian Ocean high magnitude EQ.
Furthermore, I see no reason to change my original scenario re: NMSZ EQ for maximum effect and profit. To wit: a CAT 5, or higher, USA storm centered over the Mid West, supersaturating the Mississippi/Ohio/Missouri rivers with rain, followed by an EQ of 9 – 10 M, and, then a hard freeze. A large EQ in the Indian Ocean or on the Pacific Rim, with known effectiveness on the NMSZ, could be a precipitator and leading indicator of entering final exercise play.KENNETH J.

Dec 5, 2012

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