Hi Steve,

Thanks for sending this.think. Here is my take.

Why this premise doesn’t make sense:

This is the normal rotation time for GTMO…in particular, for the National Guard. Nothing special here.
Military Police have the right MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) for the duty. Again, nothing special.
When we deployed, we didn’t allow pictures of the soldiers to be made public either. SOP.
There are only about 50 detainees at GTMO now, and much of GTMO has been shuttered. Repair and restoration would be needed. Salt water eats away at everything there.
There are two major parts of GTMO…..the Naval Base and the Detention Facility. The two have very little in common. They have different missions and chains of command. Though relations are cordial, there is very little interaction. The point is, increased communication with GTMO could be either for the detention facility or the naval base operations. If it is naval base operations, then Cuba is your issue.
The optics of putting politicians at GTMO are horrific. The torture stuff ended 12-13 years ago., but, in the public’s mind, GTMO will always be associated with an angry nation--- and waterboarding. I still get jokes about it today.
The MSM would go apoplectic is Americans were sent to GTMO…expect court filings by the hundreds.
Human rights groups would be pile-on and get limitless funding from Soros, et al.
The fact is, GTMO is just a prison…modeled after one in Indiana. There is nothing inherently special about it from a structural standpoint. There is no reason to imprison Americans there vs. a regular prison in the US.
Next, why would you intermingle detainees with Americans? Americans (even if they are total reprobates, which they would likely be) would have to be treated differently.
The cost (and inconvenience) of detaining (and questioning) anyone at GTMO was always a sore spot for lawyers, the media, the politicians, and bureaucrats.
Why this could be possible:

President Trump clearly supports sending strong messages. Imprisoning people at GTMO would certainly send a strong message.
If the Administration has rock-solid proof of pedophilia, child sacrifice, etc., then the optics of GTMO are perfect. “We won’t stand for this!”
The isolation of GTMO would make control much easier. Protests outside prison entrances would not happen as they would in the US.
The inconvenience of getting to GTMO would also work President Trump’s favor. Everything for the attorneys/media/activists gets harder.
Even though there are still detainees there, there are also a lot of unused facilities that are separate from each other. Remember, we used to have 800 detainees at GTMO. The detainees need never see an American and vice versa.
Anyway, Steve, I could go on, but you get the gist. I do believe there are strong indications something big is about to break. If GTMO has a role in it, then what is about to happen will shake this country to its core. I can’t imagine the Administration using GTMO (and its historic reputation) for something of passing importance that would be lost quickly in a 24-hour news cycle.

Your friend in Christ,


Jan 5, 2018

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