January 10th 2018 -LOIS VOGEL SHARP
Mr. President Trump:
I got woken up this morning with a very powerful word from God. This
is the fourth time now that God has surged into my heart, my soul, this
message. I sent a couple to you, I put them out too. I've had people
sending you letters to the White House and I pray that this gets to you.
God is trying to make you understand and I know that you already know this
but He wants this to be a priority because God is very, very, very, upset
with the abortions that are going on in this country and He wants me to
send this to you. I come to you in all humility. I'm a minister. I've been
walking with the Lord for 47 years now. I'm a prophetess of God and I get
messages from God. I've gotten three direct messages to those in authority
to right this wrong of abortions in our country saying that the judgments
of God are coming down on America because of this and they will not stop
until we right this wrong. Looking to make America great is a wonderful
thing and God did put you in office. You are called by God to fix the
problems and drain the swamp that's what you are meant to do but this
problem has to be top on the list because this is an abomination in the
sight of our God and it has to be stopped. The reason it has to be stopped
is because it is murder and it's outright murder. We know now that life
begins in the womb. If murder is against our laws in the land of America
and we are murdering babies in the womb that we know have a life then we
are murdering somebody every day. Thousands of children, babies are being
murdered every single day for convenience and because the laws of the land
say it's legal, women that are in situations that they don't really want to
deal with or they get pregnant and they don't want to be pregnant, they
know it's legal so they just go and abort their baby. As far as they're
concerned it's legal so it's okay. They don't always understand what
they're doing. God is very, very, very, very, serious about this and I
can't say this enough. As a prophetess of God I can feel God and I knew you
were gonna win this election before you won the election. I was one of
those that was told by God Almighty that you were going to win this
election and that He put you in this position. God put you in this position
therefore God wants you to listen to what He has to say as your authority.
You are the authority in this land of America because God put you there but
He is the authority over all of us and we have to be obedient to His
authority. Right now His authority is telling us to right this wrong and
I'm going to tell you right now that the judgment is about to happen on
America. It's possibly going to be the earthquake in California. It's not
going to be the mega mega one but this might be a 7 or a 7.5. This is going
to shake America. California is number one tops for the abortions in this
country and God is going to start by speaking to California and all the
things that they are doing to slap Him in His face. There's about to be an
earthquake that's going to take place and this is going to be your way of
knowing that God is very serious in this matter of abortions. There's a
series of judgments that's coming once again. We got hit with all these
hurricanes. There are judgments going to fall and they're coming very soon.
I got woken up out of my sleep this morning and I had to get up and do this
video. I had no choice because that's how strong it is in me to speak this
out so I am sending this out and I am expecting the people send this
everywhere and get this sent to the White House. Whatever way we can get it
there. Mr. President Trump in all humility I come to you as a minister of
the gospel of Jesus Christ and as a spokesman for my Father God, our Lord
our Savior, the God Almighty, the creator of all the heavens and all the
earth. He wants us to right this wrong and to stop murdering the babies and
anybody out there that hears this message, we can stop this by not going
and having abortions too. We can play a big role in this by stopping it.
Stop killing our babies if you don't want to have a baby then stop
performing the act that brings creation into existence. It's that simple.
Do the right thing, do the right thing. Don't just murder your baby because
it's convenient for you because God knows it's a life and those of you that
are performing these abortions judgment is coming down on you personally.
It's gonna come on you personally, anybody involved in abortions because
you know that it's a life. You know that when you are aborting a child you
are ripping a human being apart limb by limb as you suck the life out of
the mother. You know what you're doing. Stop putting your head in the
ground and try to pretend that you are not part of murder because you are
part of murder. That's all I have to say. My name is Lois Sharp. I'm on
Facebook as Lois Vogel Sharp. My messages come out on YouTube under King of
Glory Ministries and I will keep saying this as long as God tells me to say
this. I have no choice because that's what I do and that's what I'm called
to do. So please Mr. President Trump listen to what I have to say. I am one
of the voices crying in the wilderness for the unborn children that are
being slaughtered every day and their lives are being snuffed away because
our land America, the greatest country in the world, is telling them it's
okay to murder your baby if it's not convenient for you to have one. I was
not a baby that was born out of convenience and if my mother had chosen the
path of abortion I wouldn't be here today and many others wouldn't be here
today. If the laws of the land back in that day were allowed to abort
babies a lot of us might not be here today. Think about that for one
minute. You Mr. President Trump maybe wouldn't have been here today. It's a
possibility,for the greatest time in history and the greatest moment in
your life that God has prepared you for, what would have happened if you
had been aborted? God told me He prepared you your whole life for this
time, for you to do this mission, for Him which is to bring America back to
God for one and to right the wrongs and to fix the things that are going to
be happening in the end time scenario which we are entering in. God is love
but God is just and this judgment is about to fall upon our country. Get
ready because it's coming and He's going to speak loud and clear that what
I am saying right now is directly from Him. My husband just opened to the
Bible to Job 9 and this is what it talks about, the earth shaking so that's
a confirmation. What I'm telling you is directly coming from God. The fact
that I got woken up out of a sleep with this surging in my soul to speak it
out is what happens when a prophetic word comes from God. God bless America
and Father help us to right this wrong and I pray this in the name of
Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach.

Lois Vogel Sharp
King of Glory Ministries Inc.

Jan 10, 2018

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