Wodering if you have received any complaints or reports of drone flights in
the Indianapolis, Avon, Indiana area?

We have the Avon Rail Yard, 5 miles west of Indianapolis/Marion County
line. At Avon, every shipping container, east of the Mississippi River, is
transported here by rail and truck to be inspected by DHS...over 4000 per
day...DHS has two five story buildings on the north side of Indy...just
opened a huge "Fusion Center" on the east side of the city, and has
tremendous presence, with ICE and Customs at the Indy Airport, with a
Customs sub-station in Avon, IN.

We see drone traffic...not constantly, but all of the time, in the rail
yard area. Also, military helo traffic has increased ten fold in the last
five years.

There is a training area, for DHS and other law enforcement inside the rail
yard proper. Often gun shots (by the hundreds) and small explosions can be
heard there.

My home, in Avon, is less than two miles from the yard and HBC is less than
six miles east in Indy Metro.

Just an inquiry. We get no answers from law enforcement or town
administration. I am a (REDACTED) year retired police officer...with numerous
contacts locally...but no one will comment on the operations at the Avon
Rail Yard.

Jun 20, 2013

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