Warning from Colorado Watchman

Aug. 19, 2012

Hi, Steve

This is the Info from a briefing today from my "Whale of a source" on the East Coast.

1. Food is the Most Important! (Couldn't stress enough about Food!!)

2.If traveling, know location of friend and be prepared to "Hold In Place"
When this "Shoe Drops", wherever you are is where you'll stay!

3. Be Very Carefull of what you say on your cell phones in Metropolitan areas due to electronic surveillance.

4. Fresh Items in your "BugOut" bags. Check and double check. Have ready 24/7.

5. Water is going to become a problem, soon. Prepare.

6. The H3N2v has spread Way to rapidly. ( From a friend who works in a Class 3 Bio Lab, "This whole N3N2v is" Highly Unusual")

7. NorthCom Will be the Gov at some time.

8. Denver Will be the new capitol.

9. Due to the election, Extreme Concern about a "False Flag" (" Lotta shakin' goin' on about the new cover of Newsweek!)

10. Purchase "Throw Away" cell phones.

11. Constant Clear communications "A Must".

That's All For Now. Assured me, "I'll give you the best window of warning I can."

God Bless For All You Do!,


Aug 20, 2012

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