Bald Eagle and a message to America--America will never come back.

i Steve,

This is true story from this past winter until this past week about an "American Bald Eagle" nest in Iowa that has a powerful prophetic message from God for anyone paying attention.

In 2008, an Iowa Raptor organization put cameras 60 feet up in the cottonwood trees over a Bald Eagle's nest beginning in about February, they live stream the nesting, mating, egg laying, hatching, and fledge (first flight from the nest).

It has been an amazing thing to watch and I have watched every year since the cams went up. Every year has been a complete success for these two adult Eagles with a total of 20 babies that grew healthy and had successful cycles. One was even fitted with a GPS and has been up in northern Canada for the last several years living a good life in the Yukon.

This is year seven (7 being the Biblical number meaning Completion and Perfection/8 means new beginnings) of observing the eagles with cameras. Well, this year was the first year that these eagles did NOT have a story book ending. 3 babies were born in the nest. Everything went well until it was time to leave the nest. That's when things took a turn.

For the first time, millions of watchers have been grieving a very sad story and God put on my heart that this is a message to His people that things in America (eagle being the symbol of) are heading for tragedy.

The last week before these little juvenile eagles were to take flight they were attacked for 13 minutes by a Barred Owl who swooped in to the nest over and over jabbing the babies. It was brutal to watch and the strange thing is the parents were no where to be found. In previous years the parents were always within feet of the nest to protect.

Then major rain storms came and flooded the nest day and night. The rains caused an over breeding of blood sucking gnats infesting the birds day and night and they got no sleep. Constantly shaking them off their heads. The eagles were exhausted.. This year the gnats were so bad that even the locals complained about going outside for any length of time without being inundated.

The time came for the eagles to take flight within 1 days of each other (many believe it was a tad early. Trying to escape the horrible gnat infestation). A fledge is a short flight from the nest and back. They always come back because they are not ready to be on their own. The parents now teach them how to hunt and work with them for several weeks until they are ready to go off on their own.

These eagles never came back to the nest... People watching were very concerned about this.

A few days later one was found alive in the middle of the road by some locals and the man who runs the Raptor group came and got him to bring back for observation. He was weak, underfed and was held for a day and released to his parents near the nest. This bird seems to be doing better and the parents have been working with him now.

The second eagle was found in the middle of a stream nearby with a broken wing and was sent to rehab for treatment. If this one does not recover it will be used for education.

The third eagle has not been found. My guess is there is a very good chance he did not survive. It's been 6 days since he left the nest. No word on his whereabouts. He did not know how to feed himself and would have come back to Mom and Dad and the area if he was able to fly.

This has been very traumatic to watch but I immediately saw the significance of this drama.

My first thought when the eagles didn't come back to the nest was....
-Something just shifted and the {America}n Eagles were in danger.
-1/3 of the eaglets-survived. 1/3 died, 1/3 in captivity.
-Threatened by a blood sucking infestation
-On the 7th year of live streaming (completion and perfection) a Great American tragedy. The US has completed its place in History and now we are finished. 6 days work and 7th day (year), God's work with the US (America) is complete!

There is so much in this story from the blood sucking 'insect' infestation (demonic influence) to the owl 'attack' (attack on liberties and faith) to incessant thunder storms to 'flooding' (drowning in moral decay) and ultimate calamity to the the eagles.

The Raptor rehab facility was inundated this season with many birds in need of help much more so than any years past.

God is speaking to us from every direction and is crying out for His people to repent, come back to His nest. To hide under His wing. Time is up. Calamity is coming.



Jun 24, 2014

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