High Jump

Britain's Secret War in Antarctica
Two Large Lakes Discovered Under Antarctic Ice
Admiral Byrd's Secret Diary
The Saga Begins
Who Killed James Forrestal? Was There A Cover-up?
Nuclear Tunnel Boring Machine
Russia to Resume Vostok Drilling
Mysterious Under-Ice Antarctic Lake to Unveil Prehistoric Ocean World
Lake Under Antarctic Ice May Be Divided
Warning: Well in Antarctica May Pop Like a Can of Coke
Scary Secrets of the Third Reich’s Base in Antarctica
Antarctic Lake Yields Ancient Bacteria
Antarctic Lake's Secret Water
Was There a Prehistoric Civilization in Antarctica?
The Tragedy of Four Civilizations
The Policy Of Blood And Mysticism
Space Bug Specialist Killed in Crash
David Wynn-Williams: Applying the Lessons of Antarctica to the Study of the Stars
Operation High-Jump
USS Philippine Sea (CV-47)
The OMEGA File - Admiral Byrd And Operation High-Jump
The OMEGA File - Hitler Escaped!
The OMEGA File - Polar Defenses
The OMEGA File - Rudolph Hess And Secret German Space Base
The OMEGA File - German Submarines In The South Atlantic
An Underground Base in the Antarctica
The Vril and the Andromeda
A Battle in the Atlantic With 128 Submarines
Antarctica A Nazi Base?
An Ancient Saga
Exotic-Looking Microbes Turn up in Ancient Antarctic Ice
Thule, Vril, Nazis, and UFOs, and Hollow Earth

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