I just thought you deserved to know that your words are blessed. I don't think it's any coincidence this attack could only happen after your broadcast ended

Hi Steve
I just wanted to mail you in regards to an experience that happened to me last night whilst listening to one of your radio broadcasts on YouTube.
I am a Christian although lapsed in regards to the lifestyle I'm living but over the past year I have been slowly but surely getting myself back together and walking away from some of the criminal activities I've been involved in.
I've known Jesus my whole life to the extent it's not a belief. my relationship with Jesus was as real as the one I had with my parents. As I child I'd pray and I could sometimes here his voice clearly reply.
Nonetheless I had a hard childhood, we were poor to the extent sometimes we'd have days when we didn't even eat. As I got older my circumstances forced me to get involved in crime and violence and I felt that voice I heard so clearly as a child become more distant. there seemed to be new voices pushing me towards anger and violence.I was in a bad place, served in the military in Kosovo and by that point I didn't really care whether I lived or died. I ended up getting kicked out because of drugs and came back home straight back in to a life of crime. Then one day when I was well on my way to destruction god intervened and sent me someone that calmed the voices inside me.I loved her so much I turned away from the life I was leading for a time but over the years those voices began resurfacing . She left me and I again turned to Jesus begging him to give me one last chance and swore I wouldn't fail. Lo and behold she came back but again I reverted back to my old ways and this time she left me for good. I blamed god and let myself get swallowed by this underworld I lived in. I pumped myself full of steroids and began running clubs night club doors, sold drugs, robbed other dealers and committed the most awful acts of violence. I was hollow inside and something didn't seem right inside myself and with the world around. I could feel the evil in the world. The music, the film industry and the culture the media forced upon us. It didn't sit well with me. I began reading the bible again and researching the world and watching anything I could find on YouTube. I'm becoming closer to The Lord again. I've quit my work as a bouncer, and began trying to build my life around Jesus .i have got a good job and began studying. A few nights ago I was listening to something on YouTube. I think it was russ dizdar. he was talking about when Christians become born again and come under demonic attack when the demons inside them feel them pulling away. This struck a cord with me because sometimes I'd do things and have thoughts that didn't seem to be my own thoughts or actions. To be honest it scared me to the extent I stopped praying that night In fear of coming under attack. It's as if I knew there were demons influencing my life and I didn't want to anger them. I woke the next morning feeling like an idiot for thinking like that but something inside was a little disappointed I've never experienced anything like that because maybe I still wasn't a proper Christian. Which brings me to last night I was listening to your broadcast on the hangman and hangman report. You were talking about how time was short and how the time was now to start living for Jesus. This lead me to strengthen my commitment to god and I fell asleep with you still playing in the background. Now understand I am not your typical Christian and have never experienced anything supernatural before this night. I woke up abruptly about 2.30 your voice still playing in the background. Minutes later you said your final words and the broadcast came to an end. Now for some reason the instant it finished the dark became some how darker. I looked up to see my current partner at the bedroom door. She was laughing the most evil laugh I'd ever heard. I called out to her but she just kept laughing and grinning. All of a sudden I felt like I was being suffocated. I couldn't move or cry out. I realised my partner was in bed next to me and the thing at the door wasn't her at all. I tried calling out to her and reaching for her but I couldn't move. Something in me knew this was a demonic attack and I was fighting for my life when out of nowhere I began repeating these words, mainly in my head as I could not speak but I tried forcing them out of my mouth. "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, Jesus is my lord and my god" I don't even know where the words came from but after repeating this 5 or 6 times the hold just dissipated and I was left with a feeling of calm and peace. Rather then being afraid after this I felt blessed in the knowledge that I am returning to my walk with The Lord and the enemy hates me for it.
I just thought you deserved to know that your words are blessed. I don't think it's any coincidence this attack could only happen after your broadcast ended.yourself, russ dizdar and others like you are true men of god sent to us In this time of trial. Last night your words empowered me. I only pray jesus gives you the strength to keep doing what you are doing because only he knows how many lives you touch.

God bless you sir

Feb 12, 2015

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