1956 sci fi movie predicts one world government..planet X...aliens saving humanity..aliens monitering Earth by disguised asteriod.

Steve, I recently watched a Japanese science fiction movie called "Warning From Space" made in 1956.
The plot line of this movie could have come from any number of the radio talk shows you have done! An Earth like planet hidden behind our sun is the home of the aliens who look like a five pointed star with only one large eye in the middle of the star shape. The all seeing eye?
The aliens finally make contact with humans because they know a 'runaway planet' is on a collision course with Earth and they want to 'save us.' Your Planet X..aka Nibiru? The 'one world government' of Earth meets with the now human like aliens...they can 'transmute' to look like us or other creatures.
The aliens claimed they landed on Earth centuries ago and have been watching us ever since through a satellite disguised to look like an asteroid. These aliens can walk through walls and closed doors with just a thought.
Watching this 1956 movie gave me quite a shock with it's plotline coming from todays headlines of scientists stating they have found many Earthlike planets and the talk of needing a one world government, adding your own beliefs of so-called 'aliens' saving humanity in a time of crisis and the Vatican watching 'something' approaching Earth!
If you have the time, please watch "Warning From Space". Seems like Satan and his demons also watch movies and then decades later, what was once science fiction becomes science fact through demonic lies.
I'm 65 years old and I learn something new every day, but this 1956 sci fi movie really made me sit up and take notice!
Yours in Christ,

Feb 13, 2015

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