I also have a great respect for you always saying "I'm not a prophet". So many others say that they are

Hello Steve- I write to you in the name of Jesus our Lord -the name ABOVE
ALL NAMES! Yesterday was my daughter's bday (same as Alex)..she turned 13.
Her dad is still sick, I really believe that the Lord is letting me know
that he has to receive & want to be well. I know that to be true because
that's how it's always been for me. I just don't understand that
non-fighting spirit. I decided not to listen to any "stuff" on u tube on
her day, so like last time I looked up H & H on the podcast tonight & lo &
behold there was your name as the guest. I'm appalled at what has happened
to you & Doug. It may sound silly but like the 47 yr old cry-baby that I
am, (I never used to cry as a young adult). I
know you said we won't agree on rapture..etc. I seem to have agreed w/just
about everything I've heard you say. I don't agree w/everything Savage or
Alex say but I listen to them now also. You I do agree & have a great
respect and am soo grateful to have "run-across" you & your web site.
Things are changing soo quickly. Even my daughter was watching Israel News
w/me last week & something they "reported" was not true & she said "that's
not true!" I'm so grateful to you & others & 1st of all God that I "woke
up" before my daughter was brainwashed. I took that pre-trib bait hook line
& sinker. Esp. since the name of the woman in all of those series of B.S.
that "disappeared" was Eileen, (same as mine but different spelling). How
convenient. What a dunce I was. Your children are blessed to have you for
their dad as well as your wife & grandchildren. I see everything I've been
through, including prison, as training for these times since I "raised
myself" according to different ppl., including family. I praise God for
allowing me to get sick just in time to not be able to go to the service
after I'd sworn in w/day to leave & everything. I'd signed up for 4 yrs in
Germany. Unsaved just looking to escape in mid to late '80's. Then I was
supernaturally healed & had no more "urge" to leave. A few years later I
met Jesus. I'd' been the biggest B**** & headed straight for hell. He is
awesome. You know what it says about ppl
who say they're prophets & aren't. That's why I couldn't believe Cope was
lying because I thought "surely he knows what the Word says about false
prophets & he wouldn't put himself in that position". I've learned a lot
since then. I wish that I'd've had the chance to hear you 20 yrs ago on the
radio. Better late than never. Thank you for everything. Just to know that
there are others that think & believe like I do & by the way I haven't felt
"right" in church for many years so we read morning noon & night. I speak
of the things of the Lord all of the time. It's all there is that really
matters. It bothers ppl tho so oh well. B.T.W. I told you the other day
that I FEEL like mortgaging the condo but I'm not that stupid. God always
makes a way when there seems to be no way when we obey Him & heed to His
Word. I hope that you never quit sharing w/us your wisdom & insight.
Always in my prayers you are. God continue to bless & protect you & yours.
Sincerely, Aileen -CA

Feb 13, 2015

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