When I first ordered a book from Steve Quayle, he sent not only the book I ordered, but two other of his books FREE of charge. I was blown away by Steve’s generosity.

My name is Jordan , I open with that statement, because I will not hide behind an anonymous email, pseudo name, or other alias. I am a man who has a strong will and a passion burning in his heart, with knowledge in his mind. What I am not however, is an individual who has any reason to hide his identity for the purpose of my safety. If Steve chooses to post this letter on his site, he does so with my full permission, even in the quoting of my name.

I open with the above information to lay the groundwork for what I have to say. When I say it, I want it made clear that I do so boldly and happily, with no feeling of regret about it, and no remorse following it, neither fear. I would also like to say that the contents of this letter may seem to get brazen and abrasive to some. But to those for who that is true, I offer you no apology whatsoever, but know that I would salt that wound with as much contempt as a human can muster.

I want to offer you a small testimonial about Mr. Steve Quayle. Until about the year 2010, I had no idea who he was. It was about that time however, that to my joy, I found out. I suppose you could say it was an accident, or even coincidence that it happened, though I much prefer to think that the Lord Jesus Christ himself had a hand in leading me to Steve’s site. How I got there exactly, I cannot say with exacting detail, because honestly at the time I was like many of you out there, in that my eyes were closed to many things in this world. In fact, I believe I found out about Steve Quayle because someone had told me to check out a web site for someone else who is prevalent in internet broadcast journalism named Alex Jones. The topics I began to learn about on his web site set my course to learning more, and along that road, I was blessed to find Steve Quayle’s site.

At first I was slightly overwhelmed. Steve had (and still does) links to articles on his site that would change daily. Alex Jones does this as well, but for myself personally, I began to prefer Steve’s site. Many of the links were to the same articles on both site’s, so some readers might ask “Why would you prefer one over the other?” Well both had links to vital news information—truth that the mainstream media does not share. But Steve also took part in radio broadcast shows, which I began to listen to. What cemented my preference after that was Steve’s righteousness and his scriptural teaching. While Alex Jones certainly has leading edge information as Steve Quayle does, Steve deals with the information from not just a carnal standpoint, but also a spiritual one. For that, Mr. Quayle has at least me to say thank you. Yet I could not say it enough it I said it 10 times a day for the next 50 years.

My testimonial does not end there however. In fact, it is only beginning. Many of the truths that he teaches on, and has studies for decades, and written about struck cords in my spirit. I knew he was anointed of God to be a watchmen, yet he is so much more. For me, a big example deals with the topic of “giants” (The Rephaim or “dead ones” – offspring of fallen angels and humans). I knew before I encountered Steve Quayle in life, that such things existed. It is Biblical after all. I personally have also held a long standing belief that such things exist, but for personal reasons, which for the purpose of this letter are irrelevant. My point though, is that Steve Quayle deals with the truths that most people want to ignore. Yet ignorance of the abyss will save no one from it. So to those out there who choose to disbelieve truth, know that truth is still truth, despite your denial. If you want to learn a thing or two, maybe you should listen to anointed men like Steve. I promise you, he has information that could potentially save your life.

Now I want to tell you a thing about Steve’s generosity. I have experienced this first hand. Like many people, once I began listening to Steve on internet radio shows, and viewing his site regularly, I was wide-eyed and eager to hear more. When Steve had something to say, I was often starry-eyed so to speak, and listening to every word. This is not a boom to promote any or all of his books, but I personally wanted to read what he had written. After all, his books are well researched (each packed with decades of study behind them). But more than that, each is backed by scripture. When Steve makes a claim about something he does that…he backs it up with the written word of God. Again, thank you Steve. So I ordered one of his books to start with. At the time, I didn’t really have much expendable income. But even before I read it, I knew the book would be a treasure, and a must have for my library. I won’t tell you which book I chose to purchase—as again this isn’t about giving a boon to advertising. I can tell you I have had the pleasure to read several of his books, and I am glad to have them each in my library. I’ve even read his work of fiction, which I actually found has more truth in it than any mainstream news broadcast of our day. But I am getting off point. When I first ordered a book from Steve Quayle, he sent not only the book I ordered, but two other of his books FREE of charge. I was blown away by Steve’s generosity.

Now I come to the point where I want to get into some grit. I have written Steve Quayle a few emails over the span of the last few years. I have even written a thing or two that made it to his Q Alerts section. As I said, I also visit his site regularly, and have listened to several of his broadcasts. In that regard, it will likely seem obvious to anyone reading this that yes, I am biased. As a brother in Christ, I love Steve Quayle. As a he is a watchmen, I esteem him as a great leader. But that esteem in my opinion is well founded, even thousands of times over. So, when I hear that there are those out there who come against him, try and berate him, offer up threats against him, or his family, I don’t take it lightly. Firstly, I want to say to those “Christians” who are attacking him, I want to say plain and simple, knock it off. I speak to you first, because judgment begins in the house of God. Those people who claim to be Christians and yet attack Steve had better get themselves some Vaseline and a friend or family member that can perhaps perform the surgical procedure to dislodge their head from their pelvic region. I put that nicely, but for those who need it more spelled out, more clearly spoken, please remove your head from ass. You will only deny yourselves treasures in heaven by standing against Steve. He is a righteous man of God and anointed of God.

As for the other category of people standing against Steve…those government shills, those sold out to satan, and who intend to cause evil and derision within the body of Christ, I say nothing to you about the location of your head. You know well what you are doing and you know why you do it. Instead, for you I pray. Firstly, I pray that each of you be given one more chance to heed the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray you have a chance to repent. BUT, if you do not repent, then I pray the Lord himself rebuke you. I pray the Lord Jesus send warring angels against you with all wrath and with haste. I pray your dreams are filled with the most horrific nightmares that you cannot sleep. I play that your food, your drinks be poison to your body. I pray that your lying, deceitful tongues turn to ash in your mouth. I pray the Lord visit every judgment upon you that He is willing to allow in order to remove you from this earth, and from consideration. May your generations be destroyed and forgotten until repentance is achieved. I pray your attacks against Steve Quayle and other children of God be turned back against you violently, with a message saying “return to sender” written on you with the Blood of Jesus.

I also want to say something to the sheeple out there…those people who maybe don’t believe in God, or who maybe do, but are so backslidden that they will believe any lie tossed their way. How dare you people of that sort when you attack Steve. How dare you. Steve Quayle is a righteous man of God. He wouldn’t say he is. He doesn’t claim that, but I say it is so. He doesn’t need to boast. I will boast for him. When you slander Steve, you grieve the Lord. I would suggest that you repent of such things, open your ears and your heart. I strongly urge you all to accept Jesus as Lord and savior, and let him into your life. Steve or I could help you do this if it is what you wanted. So for you people in this group, consider not attacking Steve further. He literally could lead you to Jesus the savior. He knows the man (Jesus) who has the power to keep your spirit eternally alive.

That said, I respect everyone’s right to make their own choices, especially when it comes to their own personal beliefs. I don’t say everyone has to believe everything that Steve Quayle does (though personally if you did I believe you would have a greater grasp on truth—but that is where I personally stand) but what I do say is that perhaps the old adage should be used again. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. You don’t have to agree with Steve, but you don’t have to slander, threaten, or try to intimidate him either.

Now, I say all of this above with effort to restrain my speech somewhat and temper it with reason, and to a degree, kindness. But for those who stand against Steve, would mean him harm, would slander him, would make threats against him…I may be nothing at all but a simple man, but I promise you I have no shortage of explicative words for you. For you same people, I have no shortage of contempt for you. Were I to find myself standing between you people meaning physical harm and Steve, I would effort my very best that you never lay a hand on him if it would be in my power to stop you. That is by no means a threat. It is simply me standing up to say that I stand with Steve Quayle. When the Lord makes a new heaven and new earth, and when the Lord prepares places for his people therein, Steve will have a standing invitation to my place at any time. If you stand against him, you are my enemy by default. And I will pray, I will speak, and I will act (however I can) against you people in that category.

My name is Jordan Cramm. I urge each and every reader, listener, and brother or sister in Christ to stand up for Steve, and with Steve. If this letter makes it to his website, then I am pleading with you brothers and sisters, write your own letters. Let’s show Steve, and those that would seek to harm him or his reputation, that we too have a voice. Let us show them Christians standing together and speaking up. For those who are able, let’s turn those tables against those who would come against our brothers and sisters. And if you are reading this, then there is a strong chance you read it because you support Steve like I do, and this letter made it to his site where you read it now. If you are one of the many who are spiritually fed and nourished (as I often am) by Steve, and by his teachings, his actions, and his example, then stand up in boldness and say as much. I want God to bless Steve with an overwhelming show of support, so that as he goes forward, he can see evidence of those he touches and those he helps. And in the act, we could show his enemies a thing or two as well.

So what I am asking is this. If you have a positive testimonial of your own like I do about how Steve has positively influenced you, taught you, helped you etc…please, I am asking you to write that email to Steve or email me at [email protected] Steve already gets overwhelmed daily with emails, but if you send them to me, I would be honored to forward him groupings of them. But I am asking that you do this boldly, by including your full name and location. For instance, I am Jordan Cramm, and I write this from Fremont, Nebraska. I’m blessed to say that I stand with Steve.

And Steve, I am asking you to add a section to your site similar to the “testimonials” section you have used before. But what I am asking is something slightly differently named. You have the website infrastructure in place. Would you be willing to create a section apart from “testimonials” named something like “The line in the sand-where I stand”? The reason I ask about a section with a different name, is that “testimonials” as I see it are wonderful, but often don’t give credit where it is due, and is not always a declaration of where people stand. I am asking for people to stand up together, even if only in verbal and written declarations. I would wish for you a tidal wave of support that would give you some measure of peace, and I would pray that the Lord would bless you by showing you how important you are, and how many lives you touch. I want God to raise His standard on your behalf. You don’t have to post this letter on your site if you do not want to. You don’t have to make the section on your site either if you feel it would be a huge hassle. But know that my intent would be to overwhelm you with God’s protection, and also with support from people like me who have benefitted from what you do for God’s people.

Feb 14, 2015

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