Thank you from Norway! :You are genuine and preacher about Jesus in a fantastic way!

Dear Steve Quayle! I first heard you on Alex's show. And now me and my oldest son Benjamin listen to Your shows on youtube. You are genuine and preacher about Jesus in a fantastic way! So Thankyou very much! And there is something i want you to know that is very uniqe for Amerika that you definetly dont find in Europe; in debates on radio or television you never ever hear well educated people consider God or Bible as important in analysing situations. He is not taken into account at all. But you guys do. In America people refer to God and Bibel in public situations radio shows avd Tv. it never ever happened here..Too bad for us......Im not a church goer....I dont find the power of the Word there...Reading at home makes much more sense. And listening to you. ..I have three Children! My two boys Benjamin and Thomas 18 and 16 and Elisabeth 14. living with her mom.I live alone with Benjamin and Thomas. So I have raised them as well as I could. And they believe in Jesus. And since they were babys they did not get fairytales..But before they got to bed I would read by heart the first part of the gospel of John or the whole chapter..In the beginning was the Word...I begynnelsen var Ordet og Ordet var hos Gud og Ordet var Gud.....in Norwegian..and so on....And they still Ask me to say Those words before they go to bed..But Steve Quayle...Im very ordinary...I curse when I get frustrated...not Good...I drink Beer once in a while...very moderate..and a cognac once in a while.....not much though....But I love Jesus..anyways...one more story..My oldest son Benjamin sits on my lap..a little over a year..year and a half...we sit at the computer...i click on little icons on compton encyclopedia...alligator..bords..animals. Etc..they make a sound...then I click on a jewish rabbi ....and the rabbi sings in hebrew Shema Israel Adonai Eluhenu Adonai Ehrad....I dont know how to spell it.....hear Israel..the Lord Your God Is one...And the little boy...not Knowing anything what this ment or what it was...He threw himself down and lay down with his upper Body...arms stretched forward,,,,still sitting in my lap....I checked this out...Every time I would click on the Rabby and he started singing...the child would THROW his upper Body down...and he lay like that like in total respect....as long as the song lasted...I testet this probably ten times alltogether on differential occations.....and exactly the same happened....He dont know hebrew....he did not know about the rabbi or the song....And this is true. I Think it had to do with the Holy Spirit. I could tell you some strange Storys that I have witnessed myself...But Jesus..He Is Real! Benjamin when he was FIVE years old he says...Jesus lives in Heaven...and the Holy Spirit lives in our heart and teaches us about Jesus! God bless you Steve Quayle! And Thank you... And Jesus Thank You for Steve Quayle! All best from Bjørn A

Feb 23, 2015

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