I feel God eventually led me to you the Haggman show and Pastor Lankford whom I could listen to all day

I have been listening to you on you tube for the past year or maybe a while longer than that . I was a back sliding Christian (brought up Baptist ) and was searching for the truth. I was not attending church for many years after being disappointed by the lack of spiritual growth and feeling like I wasn’t getting the truth I even went the wrong way looking to psychics and ghost hunting, that route which eventually brought me full circle back to God. I first found Derek Prince, and David Wilkerson, I feel God eventually led me to you the Haggman show and Pastor Lankford whom I could listen to all day. I wanted to write you for three reasons, first you made me cry when you said God gave you a word for mothers carrying guilt from abortions because I was struggling with that. It’s hard to believe God can forgive me that sin when I can’t forgive myself but I see now I have to. I had already decided to live my life for Jesus even if he turned me away in the end. I can’t wait to see my babies in heaven and of course Jesus. Secondly I have found a church and have been attending with my sister for about a month. We believe we were sent there by God, it’s a long story so I won’t go into it. I was shocked last Sunday when I asked my husband of 25 yrs to go with me and he did(he is not sure he believes and I have heard you say that we might not be able to open their eyes) he even sang out of the hymnal with me GLORY BE. And thirdly I have to let you know that you are changing lives and bringing people back home so don’t get discouraged by the critics you are doing a better job than them and as you know your reward will be in heaven. I think there are probably thousands out there like me. I also have to tell you that I struggle with a lot of the same things you do and the way you talk about them cracks me up because I totally get your sense of humor. Im truly hungry for the word and search daily for more so please keep it coming , It’s not in vain. Im not a rich woman but am doing my best to prepare for whats coming. A BIG Thank You to you Steve and prayers to you and your family. See ya in heaven some day. Laurie

Jun 10, 2015

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