TESTIMONY OF GOD’S MERCIFUL INTERVENTION: As you continued you so advised that the Admiral disobey the orders and turned away from harms way.

Dear Steve
I am an expat in south Korea and I enjoy tremendously listening to you on
the Hagman and Hagman show via u tube. A few days ago I listened to the 29
June broadcast "the judgement ahead" and my attention was peaked as you
commented that on the weekend of 28 June 2015 that a U.S. aircraft carrier
was of the coast of North Korea and our beloved commander in chief ordered
the carrier to enter North Korea waters defenseless. As you continued you
so advised that the Admiral disobeyed the orders and turned away from harms
Today the Lord spoke to me and brought to my attention that on 30 June
2010 from Zambini a prophet Dr. Owour came to Busan Korea and spoke to the
Korean church that he had a vision from the Lord that he saw an aircraft
carrier in Korean waters and numerous missles were fired at it and it sank.
The warning was given to the Korean church leaders that there were sexual
sins in the church and if the people did not repent and turn from their
ways this is what would happen. I believe he also returned in October 2010
and described what I believe was an E.M.P. attack on the electrical systems
of South Korea.
I pray that the Korean church leaders heeded the warning of the Lord and
the distruction has been adverted. You can find his warning that he gave
to the church on u tube on those dates.
best regards,

Jul 8, 2015

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