My husband and I are hearing the warning, repenting, trying to witness, and getting right before God.

Dear Steve
God Bless you and thank you. I have recently found your stuff. Radio,
internet, and books. On pay Day I'm buying books. Everyday I try to
better myself in God's eye. I am a sinner, but stand on God's word if I
believe God and Jesus is my savior, my family, though maybe not worthy,
would be saved. My husband is finally repenting and believing, praise God.
This is from your stuff Thank you. We are putting together survival bags
and trying to get house ready. God really has blessed us. We both are
prophetic in dreams. I have always known the giants, little people, and
demons were real. I used to read about this as a child, as much as I could
find at local library about this stuff. I was adopted into the family, so
needless to say, I didn't blend in very good. I was a weirdo. I didn't
know very much about the bible and God's word. I only knew what the
Catholics taught. Most of the books I read were real accounts, written by
priests fighting for people's souls.
Just last night, David had a dream where the electricity etc just
went out and he wasn't home. He took the dreams meaning to be, to get the stuff together
now, Its coming soon. Cern is helping the evil come fast. God help us
all. I'm listening right now to April 14, 2015 about deciphering deception
and I've heard you say a few times how you are done with talk radio and you
disgusted ect. I just wanted to say Thank You and God Bless for all you
have done. My husband and I are hearing the warning, repenting, trying to
witness, and getting right before God.It's hard when people give us attitude
and rejection. Think we are weirdos,etc. This is just our very small
circle of immediate family and co workers. Just an ounce of what you have
experienced. Thank You Again, God Bless us. We heard you Loud and Clear.
Also love your work, and we have checked other stuff from your partners or
associates. Great Stuff, Godly Stuff AND Bless You and your Family.

Nov 4, 2015

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