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The pollitical theater continues in the District of Cronies. The Charlatan bad actors in the Demican and Republicrat wings of the the Corpratocracy have “shutdown” the government. In essence folks the shutdown means nothing apart from a few agencies... read more
ALert: Rock You Like A Bank Holiday!!-V'S LATEST 9/27/13 Sep 28, 2013
This morning Panamanian's and Gringo Expats looking to escape the long arm of Uncle Stalin (As I can not call him Uncle Sam) awoke to the world ending reality that they are on a bank holiday till October the 1st... Folks this is not a joke. I have... read more
Alert: Dollar On The Ropes-V-S LATEST Sep 19, 2013
Picture if you would a beaten and bruised individual who has been running from a mob. This individual is now cornered and unlike a cornered animal there is simply no more fight left in him. The mob of murderers converge on the individual, brandish t... read more
Alert: Petro-Dollar Survival: BRICS, Syria, Russia, Europe and the Recent Metals Beat Down Sep 13, 2013
Before I begin this latest alert I want to make a few things clear to the readers. Firstly, what is happening in "Main Streets" or the public at large is not indicative of what is occurring with the Banksters and their appartchiks running the central... read more
V'S LATEST-Alert: The Implosion Has Begun but not yet. At the point it does it was a pleasure to know some of you and it was an honor serving all of you through the internet and radio. Aug 28, 2013
One of the cardinal rules of banking states that during a currency crisis good money leaves and there is a rush for specie or hard assets. I will tell you right now that the first victim of the currency war initiated by the Japanese has succumbed. In... read more
Why Syria? It's not what you think and it's not what you've been told. Aug 25, 2013
Sun Tzu said that "All war is deception." Syria like Iraq and Afghanistan before it is no different. Let us look at the real reason why the globalist corporations and banking interests are fixated on this nation. A fixation that started over a decade... read more
Guerrilla Stats the Real Picture of the Mess in the US.8/23/13 Aug 23, 2013
Another wild ride as the NASDAQ shutdown was nothing but a dry run, a test of the fail safes in preparation for the the REAL thing. One thing that I want all of you to understand is how cancer riddled our economic health really is. Many of you have... read more
THE CASINO PRISON CAMP WE CALL AMERICA: Breaking Bernanke, Alice in Wonderland, Matrix Redux Aug 12, 2013
I would have never thought that I would live in a world where the most insane economic news would have caused investors to run for the hills twenty years ago but today it does not even cause them to flinch. Forget TEPCO's pump and dump on a blown rea... read more
The Gangs of New York -7/19/13 Jul 19, 2013
As I began this new week and scanned the horizon of propaganda being passed these days as “news” and information. I stumbled onto a Bloomberg.com story on my Smart Phone that talked about a “financial recovery” and a positive looking employment numbe... read more
Folk on July 9th I had heard of the 320,000 oz of gold going buy buy from Brinks!!! That is 70% of their inventory!!!!This is the 2nd largest vault and transport/logistic company outside of Viamat in Switzerland. Now I am hearing that other smaller... read more
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