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Video of the Day   Surviving A Nuclear Disaster! - With Shane Connor Of KI4U.com(MUST LISTEN)   2013-12-20  
Video of the Day   Casting Down Strongholds:We have an enemy that takes us seriously, so we should take our enemy seriously. In this insightful message, Derek Prince explains the nature and activity of spiritual warfare.   2013-12-22  
Video of the Day   The Insiders Are Now Preparing For The Economic Collapse -- Episode 244   2013-12-28  
Video of the Day   Radiation and Fukushima How to protect yourself Dr Russell Blaylock gives advice - December   2013-12-28  
Video of the Day   Confirmed MARTIAL LAW in America Right NOW!   2013-12-29  
Video of the Day   THE BIG EVENT 2014-2015: PROPHECY HAS NOW BEGUN   2014-01-01  
Video of the Day   COPS now being trained to LIE and manipulate to Control the masses   2014-01-03  
Video of the Day   Get Obamacare or GO TO (Fema) PRISON! | 2014 Update | SHOCKING   2014-01-03  
Video of the Day   SOC - Epic Extreme Events Of Earth 2013 Review Mass Media Reports   2014-01-07  
Video of the Day   Are Countries Preparing For Martial Law? -- Episode 258   2014-01-09  
Video of the Day   Are Countries Preparing For Martial Law? -- Episode 258   2014-01-09  
Video of the Day   30C3: To Protect And Infect - The militarization of the Internet   2014-01-09  
Video of the Day   The John Moore Show 1/10/2014:50,000 RUSSIAN TROOPS INSIDE US !   2014-01-11  
Video of the Day   ALIEN BEINGS caught ALIVE with HORNS - Are they biblical DEMONS ?   2014-01-11  
Video of the Day   Are Military Leaders Planning To Replace The US Government -- Episode 256   2014-01-12  
Video of the Day   Attention Sheep: Your Inaction Is Destroying Your Children :When you sheep are watching reality TV or playing fantasy football, do you ever think about your child in the next room who needs your help because the globalists have stacked the odds against th   2014-01-14  
Video of the Day   Lea Gabrielle Joins Fox News:AMAZING FEMALE FIGHTER PILOT JOINS FOX NEWS   2014-01-15  
Video of the Day   Police React to Police Brutality:Alex takes calls from police officers across the country in regards to the horrific verdict in the case of Kelly Thomas, a schizophrenic man in California who was be at to death!   2014-01-16  
Video of the Day   German Gold:What really happened to the German gold housed in the United States?   2014-01-17  
Video of the Day   Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center - Netc.com is an Early Warning Radiation System that takes data from private and EPA networks and creates a NORM background radiation level for each 3000+ stations everyday.   2014-01-18  
Video of the Day   Stasi 2.0: 'NSA using same illegal spy tactics from Cold War'   2014-01-18  
Video of the Day   FEMA TRAINS READY!!!.SHACKLES INCLUDED.   2014-01-21  
Video of the Day   David Jones had an open vision of what is referred to in the Bible as "The Day of the Lord." He even sensed what was going on and how it affected other people. David says we must get ready!   2014-01-22  
Video of the Day   Derek Prince: How to Face the Last Days without Fear   2014-01-26  

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