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Hot Headlines   Preliminary magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes near San Diego   2017-12-06  
Video of the Day   The 2018 CERN Documentary | AI, Dark Truth, Dark Matter & Dark Secrets of the Worldwide Web   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   The 2018 CERN Documentary | AI, Dark Truth, Dark Matter & Dark Secrets of the Worldwide Web;SQ VERY INTERESTING AND WELL DONE   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   YOUNG PEOPLE SAY CALLING THEM A ‘SNOWFLAKE’ DAMAGES THEIR MENTAL HEALTH Young people believe being called a 'snowflake' could be damaging to their mental health SQ-'BLIZZARD BABIES' ARE 'THROWING A SNOW STORM' SQ-NEW WORDS   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Tamils and Sumerians Among the FIRST to Reach Australia and Antarctica? PART I'I believe this is a human figure. It would appear that these heads are leaders from various Sumerian centers that formerly existed on Antarctica.' DR.WINTERS   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Siberian super volcano ERUPTS in shock explosion spewing hot ash six miles into the sky. Shiveluch Volcano yesterday over a 20 minute period and saw the volcano spew ash 10 kilometres (6 miles) into the sky.   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   'There will be no ability to fight fire in these kinds of winds,' 80 mph winds feeding the Californian fires as 200,000 under evacuation orders   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   MAINE;Late-season toxic algae bloom closes most shellfishing areas in Casco Bay The surprising invasion of phytoplankton affects hundreds of acres of clam flats in Freeport and Brunswick and at least 12 mussel and oyster farms.   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Obama blocked deportation of 550,000 illegals, more than Atlanta's population   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Russia says US decision on Jerusalem may worsen Israeli-Palestinian conflict; SQ:JERUSALEM IS THE FLASH POINT FOR ,GOD TO GATHER ALL THE NATIONS TO COME AGAINST ISRAEL-LIKE IT OR NOT, TRIBULATION TIMES ARE UPON US!   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   - ASTONISHING SHORT VIDEO PRESENTATION;California Fires Enter the Heart of Los Angeles   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   The Deep State Is Crumbling-Major Confrontations Are Looming:I am told that Navarro (Judge In Bundy Case) is caught on tape lying to the FBI, another felony, and she has received unexplained financial renumerations that she possibly benefitted from   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:North Korea says going to war with the US is 'an established fact' and 'the only question is when will it break out'   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Trump’s Latest Pick for the Fed Is No Fan of Paper Money Marvin Goodfriend says it would be easier to impose negative interest rates if people couldn’t hoard cash. GOODFRIEND? NO WAY!- 'WAR ON CASH WAR ON YOU'!   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Atlanta Cops Cite Good Samaritans for Feeding Homeless People without Permits SQ-ACTIONS LIKE THESE DON'T ENDEAR LAW ENFORCEMENT TO THE PEOPLE, AT ALL-HAVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE EFFECT!   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Dramatic Visual Medical Proof Of EMF Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity In EHS Patients   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Is Feminism Ruining Relationships? Sex is often about power and you will never convince me that modern professional women are not aware of the power that lies a few inches below their belly button.No wonder pornography and blow-up sex dolls are popular   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Something Big Is Happening In DC While Everyone Is Distracted By President Trump's Jerusalem Decision   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   The Dumbing Down of America – By Design The last thing the elite wants is an informed, empowered public mobilizing any grassroots movement to oppose government tyranny.   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Globalists Will Use This Dangerous New Technology To Further Imprison The Masses - As We Rush Towards The Fall Of Humanity, This Offers Them Endless Pathways Of Deception   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   California Firestorms: Geoengineered Catastrophe ( Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch )   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   These 8 Places Around the World Are Actively Preparing for Nuclear War   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:ISIS hacking group threatens global cyber attack starting with the US TOMORROW   2017-12-07  
Hot Headlines   Experts scramble to monitor one of Iceland's most dangerous volcanoes after 160 earthquakes rattle the region in the span of a WEEK :The 1783 eruption of Laki spewed a toxic cloud over Europe, killing tens of thousands of people and sparking famine when c   2017-12-07  

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