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Hot Headlines   'How Offended' and 'Emotionally Shaken' Lawmakers Responded to This Viral Gun Speech by Nick Freitas   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   ULTIMATE MUST READ --THE TITLE IS MAGNIFICENTLY ACCURATE-These 'Tools Of Tyrants' Are Hidden In Plain Sight Within Our Homes And Controlled By A Diabolical Power: 'Brain Meltdown' By 'Telepresence' Has Lobotomized The Masses   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   POLICE SEIZE VACCINE RESEARCH FROM DOCTORS’ HOME, LABORATORY Victims look at new tech to combat Big Pharma censorshipThey had crossed the no-go zone with the purported crime being scientific research and discovery. By finding nano-contamination in random   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   White South Africans face genocide, ‘We are cutting the throat of whiteness’   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   The More Americans Prep, The Less Americans Will Starve In The Midst Of Calamity   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   This Liberal-Favorite Terrorist Organization Has Slaughtered More Than 196,000 In The Year 2018 Alone While Left Screams 'Gun Control' And Tries To Demonize The NRA   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Japanese scientists develop genetically modified 'Frankenstein' pigs with organs that can be transplanted into HUMANS   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   The Mysterious White-Skinned Cloud People of Peru Atlantis: The Cloud People were much taller than the Spaniards, and had extremely light skin and blonde hair, pointing to the fact that they were of European ancestry not Mediterranean.   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   A Stalinist Purge in America?: This year could turn out to be a defining year for the United States. It is clear that the US military/security complex and the Democratic Party aided by their media vassals intend to purge Donald Trump from the presidency.   2018-03-08  
Hot Headlines   Russian Spy Ship Off Georgia Coast Viktor Leonev currently sailing near Navy nuclear submarine base   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   Fukushima eager to get kids in schools-Five towns and villages join the list this spring, bringing to nine the number of municipalities where classes have resumed, the number of children enrolled is less than one-tenth of that prior to the disaster   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   Tepco's 'ice wall' fails to freeze Fukushima's toxic water buildup:Ken Buesseler, a radiochemist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the U.S. suggests that Tepco should open the tanks to external inspections to see if the water is safe   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   OBAMA ON EDGE: DOJ to Disclose Secret FAST AND FURIOUS Records After SIX YEAR Fight   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   Election interference ALERT: Google / YouTube now blatantly trying to steal the 2018 elections   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   Making antimatter transportable :Antimatter vanishes instantly when it meets matter. But researchers have developed ways to trap it and increase its lifespan in order to use it to study matter.   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Washington in shock after Trump ACCEPTS stunning invitation to meet North Korean despot by May after rogue nation agrees to suspend nuclear and missile tests   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   DARPA's Human 'Stasis' Program Sounds Like Science Fiction But It Could Save Lives:If they do pull it off though, it could be the medical discovery of the century.SQ-GLOBALLY, HIVES OF GIANTS, CURRENTLY IN STASIS AWAIT THEIR COMMAND!   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Newly-found 'super-deep diamond' in Africa contains a rare Earth mineral never seen before on our planet   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Scientists reach 'significant milestone' in race to create the world's first quantum computer as they discover how to make atoms in silicon 'talk' to each other   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   Why does the US Back Erdogan as His Military Slaughters Afrin Women.I ask the question why does the US and NATO allies support such a brutal regime that back terrorist. Erdogan calls the Kurds terrorist,   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   European Union Demands Google, Facebook Step Up Internet Censorship   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   The Collapse of Venezuela Was 'a systematic destruction to seize our freedom':Jose explains how the collapse of Venezuela was deliberately engineered to make the populace bend to the will of a dictatorship.   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   RUSSIA APPLAUDS NUKING FLORIDA AND HILLARY CLINTON PAID FOR IT! 'I think the idea that you’re going to help develop a Russian version of Silicon Valley, which, by the way, will be controlled by the Russian government, is incredibly naive.'   2018-03-09  
Hot Headlines   Assault Weapons Preserve the Purpose of the Second Amendment:As Justice Scalia ably articulated in Heller, the Second Amendment was designed to protect what Blackstone called the natural right of resistance and self-preservation-SCALIA WAS MURDERED!.   2018-03-09  

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