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Hot Headlines   Still Silent Shepherds—An Open Letter To Post-Pandemic Pastors:Most pastors said nothing about the BLM Inc. riots, skewed numbers, and draconian measures, but actually embraced them. I saw no emails calling us to prayer and fasting   2021-06-21  
Hot Headlines   Canadian political leader tells Tucker Carlson that his COVID arrest was a form of ‘political repression’'In Canada, you cannot speak against the regime. It's like in China. I was in jail for eight hours a day they handcuffed me, put me in jail   2021-06-21  
Hot Headlines   What!? FBI Released Docs With Intel Of Alien Bodies & Spacecraft! NY Times Gets Sneak Peak Of Report   2021-06-21  
Hot Headlines   WATER WARS about to go kinetic in America as farmers targeted by 'terrorist' state governments that are deliberately collapsing civilization   2021-06-21  
Hot Headlines   Russian fleet 35 miles off Hawaii practices sinking an AIRCRAFT CARRIER as US Navy strike group moves into the area and F-22 stealth fighters in Pearl Harbor are placed on standby:Twice the U.S. has been forced to scramble F-22s to see what is happening   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   Hacker tried to POISON California water supply by stealing employee's login at Bay Area facility and deleting treatment programs:While the breach was quickly caught, authorities are seeing a troubling trend in cyberattacks on US water infrastructure   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   An Ohio Class Ballistic Missile Submarine Just Made A Rare And Very Quick Stop In San Diego One of the Navy's 'boomers' made a peculiar arrival and rapid departure from San Diego Bay this afternoon.   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   Tracking China's Sudden Airpower Expansion On Its Western Border Satellite images raise concerns over Beijing's incredible pace of expansion of its airpower infrastructure along its western flank.   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   ' VOMIT ALERT'— Nellis Air Force Base Hosts First-Ever Drag Queen Show: ‘Essential to the Morale, Readiness’ SQ;I'M SURE RUSSIA,CHINA AND OTHERS ARE EQUALLY ENTERTAINED,AS WAR IN THE PACIFIC RAMPS UP!   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   ‘Where Are The Admirals? Where Are The Generals? Where Are the Veterans. Why are we allowing this racist cancer to infect the ranks of the most educated, most talented, and most lethal military to ever exist in human history?   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Green Beret Jeremy Brown: 'Scores of Guys' Have Written and Told Me They Were Contacted by FBI to Spy on Patriot Groups   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   MUST READ:The Gates of Hell are Wide Open:When are the mask wearing, side skipping, empty headed, doubled-jabbed dead eyed zombies going to realise that none of this will ever end.   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   HOW MANY KIDS ARE WE GOING TO KILL?:Good morning. A healthy 13-year-old is dead three days after his second @pfizer vaccine.   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   World Health Organization Says Do Not Give Children Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots;SQ;THE WHOLE ARGUMENT NEEDS TO BE WHY ARE WE LETTING THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE BE MURDERED BEFORE OUR EYES,DOWN TO THE LAST CHILD!   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   Steve Quayle joins Mike Adams to discuss UFOs, Mars, ancient aliens and the satanic war on humanity   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   New Zealand! Prepare for the next cataclysmic rupture of the Alpine Fault – It’s just around the corner!Latest results show that a great earthquake, one of the biggest in New Zealand’s modern history, is due.   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   Democrat warns Catholic Church it may be stripped of tax-exempt status if politicians denied communion:60 House Democrats released a 'statement of principles to warn the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops against'weaponizing the Eucharist'.   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   'Mass-Scale Operation' To Exterminate The Human Race Confirmed: While The 'Elite' Consider Themselves The 'Master Race', They're Killing Off The Reproductive Capabilities Of Everyone Else,SQ:Even with the Mutagenic DNA altering Jabs on infants!   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   Newsom says California will pay off ALL unpaid rent accrued during pandemic using $5.2billion pot:The Governor, who is facing a recall election expected in the fall, is also likely to extend a ban on evictions for unpaid rent beyond June 30 -   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 25: The VORG (Vatican Observatory Research Group) Disputes Divine Creation, Expresses Faith In ET SQ;THE DENIAL OF THE LIVING GOD,AND THE RELIGION OF THE FALLEN ANGELS/ALIENS AS CREATORS ACCELERATES!   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   Universal Basic Income Will Be Used As the Ultimate Strategy to Both Control and Depopulate America   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   As China arrests grains analysts for speaking about their grain shortages, and the US turns off the water to its crops, the question must be asked: why engineer a global famine? In this special Ice Age Farmer broadcast,   2021-06-22  
Hot Headlines   The shocking doomsday maps of the world and how the billionaires will escape the cataclysm:Consider how many of the richest families have been grabbing up massive amounts of farmland around the world.   2021-06-22  

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