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Hot Headlines   Former White House Physician Demands Biden Take Cognitive Test After Weird Presser Breakdown'Something is WRONG with him. This man IS NOT qualified to be President'   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   Scientists want global ban on ‘sun-dimming’ ;GO TO https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org-SQ;REMEMBER 'THE GATES OF HELL' WANTED TO BLOCK OUT THE SUN ,EFFECTIVELY KILLING PHOTO SYNTHESIS AND ALL LIFE IN THE OCEANS   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   If We Stay On This Path, Joe Biden And His 'Woke' Military's Legacy Will Be Mushroom Clouds Over America: All Eyes Open For A Globalist False Flag To Launch WW3- Rushing Into Wars They Can't Win Is A Hallmark Of Tyranny and Insanity!   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   Only Cold-War Fools Hit Replay on Doomsday:The American people need to learn two words, no more, and say them repeatedly to those same generals and their enablers, when they come asking for almost $2 trillion for that nuclear modernization program   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   Why Are We Content to Believe Lies?;Please notice that the delusion-deception- didn’t come from the Devil…it came from God. Because we rejected the Truth, God sent more deception. It is a form of judgement How will God treat a people that love lies?   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   Getting Emotional: A Bi-Polar Dollar vs. a Sane Precious Metal:Another market signal ignored by the majority of pundits and day-traders is the recent disconnect between the USD and the rates market.   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   Russia announced Thursday it will hold huge naval drills involving more than 140 warships and supporting vessels this month and in February, at a time of heightened tensions with Western nations.   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   Another DEEP FREEZE for Texas? While an arctic blast is sweeping in parts of the Lone Star State, a pipeline company threatens to cut off gas supply to Texas’ biggest power generator   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   Biden's dangerous, incoherent ramblings about the threat of war between Russia and Ukraine show that his mental decline may have disastrous consequences for America and the world, writes JIM GERAGHTY   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   This mumbling, stumbling President is a clear and present danger to world peace: The security of Europe is on a knife-edge, the credibility of the United States is on the line... and America's allies are looking for a cool head, writes DOMINIC GREEN   2022-01-20  
Hot Headlines   Another Major Shortage Alert: The Florida Orange Crop In 2022 Will Be The Smallest Since World War II SQ;AS of Jan 23 2022 cross border trucking from and to Canada and Mexico stops:SAY GOOD BYE TO FRUITS AND VEGETABLES   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   WAR Coming Fast; U.S. Navy Sorties 22 Warships, 4 Nuclear Subs in ONE DAY-All images below are taken from PUBLIC sources and are not classified or in any way war secrets.   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   We Need a Greener Way to Die--Most of us will keep polluting post-mortem.:SQ-REMEBER THE MOVIE IN 1973 'SOYLENT GREEN 'TAKES PLACE IN 2022,WHERE PEOPLE ARE TURNED INTO FOOD WAFERS-BOTH LIVING AND DEAD!   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   As A Global, End Times War Nears, Despotism Is Being Ramped Up In America: Expect Armed Guards Outside Of Purebloods ( Unvaccinated) Homes And 'COVID Camps' In Their War Upon Americans!   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   We Are In the Process of Relinquishing the Freedom That is America. Freedom is Not Reserved For Those Unwilling to FIGHT For> It is surreal watching your country collapse in real time while life goes on as normal for most folks.   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   A shockingly high percentage of the U.S. population actually wants an authoritarian 'big brother' police state   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   Dr. Domenico Biscardi Found Dead in His Home After Announcement About Covid Vaccines   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   FIRST STRIKE FROM RUSSIA SOON: There is no turning back now. The political extremes are going to war, and you will be dragged into it   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   Can Humanity Survive Washington’s Delusional Belief in its Omnipotence?Washington has overthrown the Ukraine government in an attempt to evict Russia from her Black Sea naval base,   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   This Is Your Last Chance-'-Government is the acquisition of resources that enables those who govern to exercise control over those whom they govern'   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   Viral video: Plane passenger films 'shape-shifting UFO' in the clear blue sky:The uploader suggested the object in the sky was probably a plasma-based life form which was not easy to identify,and seemed to be moving alongside the plane.   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   Six Russian landing ships sail past Britain sparking speculation they are bound for impending 'full-scale invasion' of Ukraine as Kiev warns Putin has 'nearly completed' troop build-up:Fears large-scale warfare engulfing cities and causing high civilian d   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   RUSSIA, UKRAINE ET AL: WHAT NEXT? Overconfidence rooted on nothing is the problem. Moscow has made a proposal that is based on the undeniably true position that security is mutual.But Washington is lost in its delusion of everlasting superiority.   2022-01-19  
Hot Headlines   RUSSIA, UKRAINE ET AL: WHAT NEXT? Overconfidence rooted on nothing is the problem. Moscow has made a proposal that is based on the undeniably true position that security is mutual.But Washington is lost in its delusion of everlasting superiority.   2022-01-19  

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