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Hot Headlines   Mass starvation: Biblical droughts on track to destroy U.S. crops, cattle… with unprecedented food shortages and price hikes to follow:Half of the nation’s pigs, milk cows and sheep now live within drought-stricken areas   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   They Killed People for Vaccine Profits – Paul Craig Roberts. 'They are withholding cures from people so they can continue the vaccine profits. This is grounds for arrest and indictment of every one of them'   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   This Is Why They Are Killing Off Doctors, Microbiologists And Infectious Disease Experts: 2017 Story Warned They Were Working On Bioweapons And 'Viral Pandemics' - The Globalists Systematically 'Silence' Whistleblowers Who Know Too Much   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   CRT Shares the Same Ideology as China’s Cultural Revolution, Chinese American Warns   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   COVID Propaganda Roundup: CNN says, ‘The Carrot Is No Longer Going to Work’ – ‘don’t get the vaccine, you can’t go to the supermarket.’   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Meet Your New Feudal Overlords While billionaires like Bill Gates buy up all the nation’s farmland, Wall Street investors snatch up every home they can get their hands on.SQ;TECHNO-SERFDOM' IS NOW UPON US-   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Watching America Disintegrate-Pfizer memo--vaccinated people make up three-quarters of those infected in a massive Massachusetts Covid-19 outbreak, that the delta variant is as easily spread by vaccinated people as by the unvaccinated,   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   We Will Not Comply: A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny:I believe that we can end this evil, but only if we dare to try. It begins with one simple step: Telling the world 'We Will Not Comply!' And then, we must follow through on our promise.   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   CDC Study——Three-Quarters Of New COVID Cases Are In Vaccinated People. 'Well, if the vaccinated and unvaccinated both have high loads of the virus, why wouldn’t vaccinated people spread the virus easily to others?   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   28 prehistoric viruses unknown to science were found in a glacial ice cores. They are thought to be around 15,000 years old.SQ;THE BIO-WEAPON DESIGNERS NOW HAVE NEW AND DEADLY PATHOGENS, TO KILL WITH ONCE THEY HAVE THEM IN LAB!   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Calif. Imposes Major Water Cutbacks For Farmers As Drought Crisis Deepens,as severe drought that is threatening the drinking water supply for 25 million people, state regulators said Tuesday.   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Ranchers Selling Off Cattle In Order To Stay Afloat During Drought:The cost of meat is sky high during COVID but that money is being spent on the supply chain in the form of labor at meatpacking plants. It’s not trickling down to meat producers   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Event Bright Cancels and Refunds Tickets to Upcoming Christian Event ‘BARDSFEST’ in St. Louis After Hit Piece by Media Matters – Event Will Go On:The action was apparently taken in response to an anti-Christian and anti-American hit piece from Media Matte   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Getting Your Goods When Stores Refuse You Service - Forget Prepping For Disaster, We Need To Prepare For Post-Pandemic Tyranny We Are Already Seeing   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   STILL DON'T THINK THERE IS GOING TO BE A FOOD SHORTAGE? WATCH THIS...(GPS MONITORING OF FOOD?!?!) Why would you need to track it with a GPS? Why not just a regular tag? What are they looking for or monitoring?   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   McAllen, Texas, declares disaster after 7,000 COVID-infected illegals pour into city   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Black Lives Matter Turns on Top Democrat for Wishing Death upon Republicans Rhode Island Democratic Party top official slammed for 'blatant disregard for human life'   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Filmmaker Ken Burns: Mark Zuckerberg ‘an Enemy of the State’ Who Belongs in Jail 'I hope Zuckerberg is in jail by then'   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Biden's ATF Pick Failed to Disclose Links to Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Democrat Biden's anti-Second Amendment nominee worked with Communist China's state TV   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Carlson on Eviction Moratorium Extension: ‘Hard to Overstate’ Momentous Change ‘Thought You Owned Your Home, Not Anymore’ He likened the blatant disregard for a Supreme Court ruling against the moratorium to that of a third-world totalitarian government.   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Israel says ‘ready to attack Iran; take action now’ after Israeli ship attacked   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   'I don't want to hear a blip about COVID from you': Gov. DeSantis rages at Biden for criticizing Florida's pandemic response and demands HE secure the border and stop 'importing' the virus   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   Unmistakable Signs January 6th Was Orchestrated By The 'Deep State' To Cover Up The Democrats Election Steal - Sure Looks Like The 'Clinton Cabal' Is Still Running Washington DC!   2021-08-05  
Hot Headlines   California lost Greenville overnight: Dixie Fire burns another small town to the ground and the worst is likely still ahead for California (video and pictures)   2021-08-05  

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