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Hot Headlines   Soros-funded Marxists to "Occupy the RNC" Part 1   2012-08-22  
Hot Headlines   Idiotic Logic Of The Left And Gun Control   2012-08-22  
Hot Headlines   Obama Still Decimating the Military   2012-08-22  
Hot Headlines   America - Governed By Organized Crime!   2012-08-22  
Hot Headlines   Syria And Iran Dominos Lead To World War   2012-08-22  
Hot Headlines   Fed Court Rules Banksters Can Steal Pensions   2012-08-22  
Hot Headlines   The MF Global Magical Mystery Tour   2012-08-22  
Story of the Day   The MF Global Magical Mystery Tour   2012-08-22  
Hot Headlines   White House Insider Warning-False Flag Planned for GOP Convention   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   US corn, soy prices hit records as drought lingers   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   Iran begins construction of $300 Million anti-aircraft missile base   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   Russia warns West on Syria after Obama threats   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   It’s “Worth Nuclear War” To Save The U.S. Dollar   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   Why Investors Are Hoarding Silver (SLV, AGQ, PAAS,CDE)   2012-08-21  
Scripture of the Day   Proverbs 8 KJV - Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   The Occult Symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ Described As A Mad Max-Style Warrior   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   Hacking the human brain: researchers demonstrate extraction of sensitive data via brain-computer interface   2012-08-21  
Story of the Day   EARTH'S EARLIEST AGES: G. H. Pember and the Return of the Nephilim - Part Ten   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   Grinders: the cult of the man machine   2012-08-21  
Story of the Day   Grinders: the cult of the man machine   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   New Technology To Predict The Future And Gauge Opinion   2012-08-21  
Hot Headlines   Yetis in the lab: The search for mythical beasts   2012-08-21  

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