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Hot Headlines   SQ-NOTE THE TRIANGULAR SHAPE AND 37 FOOT HEIGHT Must watch: Entrance to the famous Secret City of the Giants found in the Grand Canyon   2018-11-17  
Hot Headlines   HEARTBREAKING :'It's within realm of possibility that we'll never know exact number of people killed': California sheriff's chilling words as number of missing in wildfires soars past ONE THOUSAND and death toll hits 71 ahead of Trump's visit today   2018-11-17  
Hot Headlines   Giant crater nearly 20 miles (31 kilometers) wide created by a gigantic iron meteorite impact discovered below Greenland’s ice-Earth hides its scars well; the planet has endured countless millennia of eruptions and collisions,   2018-11-17  
Hot Headlines   PROF'S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO 'HATE WHITE PEOPLE' AFFIRMED Rutgers now says tenured history teacher didn't violate rules with outburst-'I hereby resign from my race.' I'M SURE HE WOULD BE MOTRE THAN WELCOME IN SOMALIA OR THE CONGO!   2018-11-17  
Hot Headlines   Wikileaks: US secret document - How they gradually put Greece under total control of Turkey SQ-NEVER LOSE TRACK OF THE FACT THE THE U.S. IS THE HEART OF THE ILLUMINATI BEAST-'THE SWAMP IS THE BEAST,IT CAN NOT BE DRAINED'!   2018-11-17  
Hot Headlines   Must Read;We Were Made for Civil War America was built on the politics of division. But can it stop itself from coming apart at the seams?   2018-11-17  
Hot Headlines   Swedish Politician Who Fought for Equality and Open Borders Is Beheaded in Congo   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   US drops the gauntlet on the South China Sea As Southeast Asian leaders raise their diplomatic 'concern' about China's militarization of the contested waterway, the US appears to be girding for a fight   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Canada becoming a base for Islamic State and other jihadis preparing to attack the US   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   DEM CONGRESSMAN THREATENS TO “NUKE” GUN OWNERS IN CIVIL WAR SCENARIO Eric Swalwell calls for confiscation of semi-auto rifles and threatens to nuke those who resist   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   The world is rumbling again -Within the last 24 hours, a M6.3 earthquake hit the South-Eastern Pacific Ridge M6.2 quake hit off the Solomon Islands, and fia swarm of smaller earthquakes – largest was M4.5 – struck about 200km off Oregon’s coast.   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   lISA HAVEN:FED’s Have a “Trick” Up Their Sleeve…It Could Panic The “System”— Insider Speaks   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Another Independent Media Voice Silenced And Slandered By Silicon Valley - The Insidious Nature Of This Type Of Censorship Must Be Countered SQ; THOSE LIBERTY LOVING AMERICANS WITH FINANCIAL MEANS, NEED TO SUPPORT LEGAL BATTLES INDY MEDIA ARE FIGHTING   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Voter Fraud? What Voter Fraud? How America Will End;The Globalists Are Taking Out the Eyes and Ears of the People! SQ-'ELECTOGEDDON', HAS ARRIVED-IF YOU DON'T SCREAM,MAKE A FUSS AND FIGHT NOW THESE THIEVES WILL TAKE YOUR LIVES!   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Why Understanding the Brutal Reality of the SHTF Could Save Your Life   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Mystical Symmetry of Your AMAZE-ing Brain: Bottom Line: All of God's creation is ordered, detailed, precise and patterned. Only God can create. Satan or man can merely engineer.   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Dangerous Supervolcano Appears To Be Gearing Up for Eruption :A large eruption could spell trouble for Italians as Campi Flegrei sits just nine miles west of Naples, home to about 1.5 million people.   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott: 'Sen. Nelson is clearly trying to commit fraud' to win election   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   THIS IS THE MOST SHOCKINGLY RACIST VIDEO YOU WILL EVER SEE Watch this if you can stomach it   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   It’s Time To Rethink What We’ve Been Proselytized Into Accepting About Weather Change And Ask Why No Investigation Is Given Regarding Weather Geoengineering As Part Of UN’s Agenda 21   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Could this be Atlantis? Ancient ruins flooded off the Spanish coast are the lost city declare UK satellite experts   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Icemageddon on the East Coast: Brutal first winter storm of the season brings up to six inches of snow, shuts down ALL New York buses and kills at least seven as it sweeps from DC to Boston SQ; PARTS OF THE EAST COAST BEING BROUGHT TO A STANDSTILL!   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Earth’s Crust Is Swallowing Way More Ocean Than We Thought Water is disappearing into the trenches between interlocking tectonic plates. Where is it going?   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   Naval command ordered to defend maritime demarcation line in West Sea at all costs-The order includes a command for North Korean ships to strongly attack all 'enemy' ships that cross the demarcation line.   2018-11-16  
Hot Headlines   WATCH AND WEEP AND STAND UP AND RESIST! :Sabotage The Movie (Trailer) :How the Islamists, Marxists and Their 'Useful Idiots 'Are Destroying America from Within. Order now at Sabotagethemovie.com   2018-11-16  

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