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Hot Headlines   Societal Perversion - It Is Not Just Children Being Groomed For Deviancy Anymore As Men Are Wearing Lipstick, Dresses And Women Getting Mastectomies To Look Like Men   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Russia is 'again' threatened by German tanks, just like WWII, Putin declares:In a fiery speech in Volgograd to mark the 80-year anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, Putin said he was ready to draw on Russia's entire arsenal, which includes nuclear wea   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   At least eight dead after explosion rips through Russian barracks near Black Sea Fleet HQ   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   A Panicked Empire Tries to Make Russia an 'offer It Can’t Refuse'The Straussians are now in deep panic.Even Blinken’s number 2 Russophobic warmonger Victoria '**** the EU' Nuland, has admitted there will be no Abrams tanks on the battlefield before spring   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   US corn market about to collapse? US farmers sound alarm on single-most catastrophic thing headed for corn crops:Corn farmers visit DC warning they could go out of business over Mexico’s genetically modified corn ban…   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   The Cancellation of a Civilization.Few Americans understand that their society has been revolutionized.America is no longer what it was. Wherever you look everything has been overthrown   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   WARNING: The Whole System is Going to Implode. WW3 on 4 Fronts   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Hundreds Of People Going Mysterious Missing In The Midwest Where Billionaires Stockpiled Land That Could Be Used In A Nuclear Apocalypse And Many Underground Bunkers Are Located - Is All Of This Recalled Food Being Moved Into The Globalists Nuke Bunker   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Exactly What We Would Expect If A Recession Was Beginning – Sales Are Down Throughout The EconomyAt this point, close to two-thirds of the entire country is living paycheck to paycheck:2023 is going to be such a tough year for the U.S. economy.   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   POWERFUL! PRAYER For Evangelists Artur Pawlowski and Torben Sondergaard:Meri Crouley & Sheila Zilinsky (and prayer team) praying for Artur Pawlowski & Torben Sondergaard- RECORDED FEB 1, 2023   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Late Journalist George Neumayr Warned: ‘The Clock On Catholic Civilization Is Nearing Midnight’George Neumayr’s tireless attempts to sound the alarm on the corruption rotting the Catholic Church must not be lost in the ether.Benedict wrote that 'the power   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Late Journalist George Neumayr Warned: ‘The Clock On Catholic Civilization Is Nearing Midnight’George Neumayr’s tireless attempts to sound the alarm on the corruption rotting the Catholic Church must not be lost in the ether.Benedict wrote that 'the power   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   What does GPT stand for in ChatGPT, the viral AI writing bot? GPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer, which is a program that can realistically write like a human.   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Meet Talos, the Killer Robot From Ancient Greek Mythology :If you were to go looking for the world's first mechanical humanoid, you'd have to go all the back to ancient Greek mythology.SQ; SCROLL DOWN VIDEO FROM JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS His name? Talos,   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Truth Too Big to Hide: How Washington Fails to Sweep Ukraine's Biolab Revelation Under Rug-If such a program was purely peaceful, then why were the works so promptly curtailed ,Why are these issues handled by the military, but not the civilian specialists   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Meet The Man Who’s Read All The Biden Emails & Hear His Warning To The American People!Investigations need to take place immediately   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   AI DON'T KNOW :ChatGPT creators ‘lose track of AI chatbot’s creations’ but have plans for new smartphone app-->The classifier is meant to distinguish between AI-written and human-written text from a variety of providers.   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   RISE OF ROBOTS Undying, self-repairing AI robots that live in large colonies will be everywhere in the future, A 'swarm' of robots with a shared brain could be a popular scene in the future, as this helps filter out the dead robots   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Hunter Biden’s firm invested $500,000 in Ukrainian biolab operator Metabiota, which then received a $23.9 million contact from the Pentagon for bioresearch!Russian Defence Ministry claims to have over 20,000 documents on the US biolab project in Ukraine   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Chinese military announces YJ-21 missile abilities in social media post read as warning to US amid tension in Taiwan Strait and says its anti-ship hypersonic missile has a terminal speed of Mach 10 and cannot be intercepted by any anti-missile system   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   Spirit-Filled Christian Detained in Psych Ward for Testimon:Yet it was not until she shared a Facebook Live video of her radical encounter with God that filled her with the Holy Spirit and she started speaking in tongues, that she was viewed as mentally i   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS QUARTERLY PROFIT DROPS ALMOST 70%:But the global economy is now facing multiple challenges, including soaring inflation, rising interest rates and higher energy costs.   2023-02-02  
Hot Headlines   For any Western politician who is still confused, Russia clarifies the stakes in war with Ukraine: ‘Loss of conventional war could provoke nuclear war’ Neoconservative and neoliberal globalists ignore the threat of China, while provoking nuclear holocaust   2023-02-01  
Hot Headlines   The UnXplained: GIANT SKELETONS Found In Wild West Cave (Season 4)   2023-02-01  

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