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Hot Headlines   BLASTING OFF Elon Musk’s Mars mission ‘to colonise Red Planet’ could start THIS week ahead of SpaceX Starship launch. SQ;THE DESIGN OF THIS SPACE CRAFT COPIES A COUPLE OF THE EARLY 1950'S SCI -FI MARS MOVIES   2021-02-24  
Hot Headlines   Democrats Pull Second Round of Insurrection Hearings After Failure to Impeach Trump – Watch Live:Meanwhile, Joe Biden is preparing interstate travel bans/checkpoints inside the United States   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Situation Update, Feb. 23 – The COSMIC WAR against human civilization as there is a cosmic war to commit planet-scale genocide against the human race in order to prepare Earth for a post-human existence.   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   If You Believe Life Will 'Return To Normal', You Have A Fundamental Misunderstanding Of The Times In Which We Live   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   The true Great Reset: Magnetic Pole Shift and Solar Minimum   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   You Saw What Just Happened In Texas,Now Prepare For The Worst - The Big Melt-Off Arriving In America Assures Us Of Rising Waters And Historic Floods - 'Always Be Ready Before You Need To Be'   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Mt Etna’s latest eruptions awe even those who study volcanosEtna finally erupted in a way 'those of us who have worked in this for decades have rarely seen.Boris Behncke   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   This Is The Endgame: Democrat Senator Admits Capitol Will Remain Locked Down Until They 'Root Out the Hate'SQ;NOTE THEIR DEFINITION OF HATE' THE BILL OF RIGHTS'-THIS IS THEIR DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST THE US POPULATION   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Indiana: Horrifying Video Taken By Child, Shows Cop Choke Mom Unconscious & Attack Children: Phrase 40% police' means multiple studies have shown that police officer families experience a rate of domestic violence far greater than the average family   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   A pictorial of the most fortified border in the United States: The one between its citizens and their representatives. Let me show you around Washington, DC in the age of Unity.   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   45 Million People Died When This Happened…Now We’re About To Repeat It In The U.S....   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   THE RULE OF LAW TO TOTALLY DEAD IN AMERICA AS WE REALIZE OUR VOTES MEAN NOTHING!!! Do not render what is due to Caesar, because Caesar stole this country in the biggest election fraud in World history   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Nasty Nancy Pelosi Opines ‘Every Life Lost is a Profound Tragedy, except when it comes to the blood sacrifice of the innocents!Abortion Leading Global Cause of Death in 2020 with 42.7 Million Killed   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Nasty Nancy Pelosi Opines ‘Every Life Lost is a Profound Tragedy, except when it comes to the blood sacrifice of the innocents!Abortion Leading Global Cause of Death in 2020 with 42.7 Million Killed   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   The ZeroCovid Movement: Cult Dressed as Science...for nearly a year we have been inundated by the views of so-called experts seeking to legitimize their myopic worldview that public health is determined solely by prevention of Covid-19.   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Flight Audio Captures Pilot's Frantic Reaction To 'Fast-Moving Cylindrical Object' Over New Mexico   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Justice Clarence Thomas Dissents From Supreme Court On Election Case: 'We Need to Make It Clear', issued a dissenting opinion regarding the high court’s decision not to take up a case challenging the Pennsylvania Nov. 3 election results.   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Joe Biden Has The Blood Of Texans On His Hands - The Failure Of Biden And 'Climate Change' Solutions Literally Killed People In Texas SQ;GREEN SOLUTIONS WILL CAUSE PEOPLE TO BECOME SOYLENT GREEN!   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Former Clinton Adviser: America Becoming ‘Totalitarian State’ Under Biden ,as endless lockdowns and restrictions show no sign of being lifted.   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   CEO Of Gab.Com Agrees With Dr. Thomas Horn. Says Big Tech Transhumanists Want To Become Gods   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   PREPPING FOR WAR IN THE HEAVENS: Air Force To Roll Out New Electronic Warfare Strategy   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   TOP SECRET SERIES—PART 9: Secret Mountains, Vortices, and Denizens from Unseen Realms   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   FLASHBACK 2020:Johns Hopkins Researchers engineer tiny machines that deliver medicine efficiently 'Theragrippers' are inspired by a parasitic worm that clamps onto its host's intestines   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Prions: the danger of biochemical weapons:if Prions were used as a biochemical weapon, they could damage not only humans and animals, but the worldwide economies;SQ;THE ULTIMATE ANDROMEDA STRAIN!   2021-02-23  
Hot Headlines   Welp, It Turns Out Weather Modification Wasn’t Just Another Crazy Conspiracy Theory   2021-02-23  

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